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15. Who do I ask if I have a problem or a concern ?

The club has a range of people you can contact if you have a concern including our Welfare Officer, Dawn Slack welfare@fleethockey.com and her deputy, Chris Butler. Chris is also our Discipline Officer disciplne@fleethockey.com.

If the concern with adult selection, you can contact Ladies' Selection Chair, Bernice Gunn ladies.selection@fleethockey.com or Men's Selection Chair, John Thompson (aka JT) secretary@fleethockey.com. For Junior selection concerns contact the coach or the team manager. For general queries regarding the Junior section, contact George Jackson or Akane Richards who share the Junior Chair role junior.prime@fleethockey.com.

For financial questions, contact our Treasurer, Graham Jackson treasurer@fleethockey.com.

And if none of these people appear to be the right person to contact, Chairman James Abley is there for you to talk to chairman@fleethockey.com.