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Please refer to the club's GDPR & Privacy Policy which is held in the Information section of this website.

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FEHC Equality Policy

Fleet and Ewshot Hockey club fully support England Hockey’s Equality Policy. All members of Fleet and Ewshot Hockey Club will be treated equally, regardless of any protected characteristics (e.g. colour of skin, gender, sexual orientation). Details of the EH Equality Policy can be found on the EH website.

Any breeches of this policy should be notified to the Club Chairman, who will be responsible for investigating the complaint and if justified that it is dealt with by the Club’s Discipline Officer. Any reports will be dealt with in private and will assume that the complaint has been made in good faith. No action will be taken against the person making the report, regardless of the outcome of the investigation.

Sanctions for anyone breaking the policy can range from a warning to expulsion from the club. For serious complaints the club reserves the right to submit a Disrepute Offence to England Hockey with the agreement of the complainant.