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12. I'm interested in taking up umpiring, how do I start ?

The Club supports anyone who wishes to obtain an Umpiring qualification and will help pay for these (typically 80% of course costs). Courses can be booked through the England Hockey hub here. Registration and some courses are free of charge. In return Club members who have qualified are expected to support the current Umpiring team.

Umpires are paid £15 per senior match they attend once the Club has recouped the original umpiring course fee. There is also a £5 fee payable for any umpire umpiring a junior match at which they would not otherwise be in attendance (i.e. not to parents who would otherwise be at the game). Any umpire fees can be declined at the Umpire’s discretion.

The Club has an Umpiring Development Officer, Rob Scott. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. In particular, any youngsters aged over 14 can umpire junior matches; coaching and mentoring will be given for by senior Club members.

The club is fortunate to have a number of umpires currently active with the England Hockey Officiating environment taking appointments in the South East and South Central Areas and also for the England Hockey National League. Their knowledge is shared with current and prospective umpires. Players who are unsure about the rules or their interpretation are welcome to seek advice.