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Call for Umpires

Call for Umpires

Robert Scott5 Jun - 07:17
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Would you like to try umpiring? Here's how and why!

Learn to Umpire
With the return of summer hockey at FEHC, a chance for you to learn to umpire.
Yes, we need more umpires, but umpiring is a way of learning new skills. For the player/coach an opportunity to see the game in a different perspective and to apply the rules to the benefit of the game. As a player/coach it will benefit your game.
If you have never umpired but just watched, a chance to be involved. Don’t hang around on the touchline - be part of the match.
All umpires develop skills such as decision making, man management, conflict resolution and empathy. All skills that have value in day-to-day life, and for youngsters these are good skills for any employer.
Why summer hockey?
Summer hockey is small-sided games, shorter duration than a full match and there are no league points, so less pressure. You’ll be umpiring members of your own club, so no strangers.
Who is going to coach?
FEHC has a few umpires involved in good standard hockey, who be around to coach
  • Rob Scott (Club Umpire Development lead) is a South Central umpire, doing matches at the level of FEHC Men’s and Ladies 1st team standard.
  • Chris Butler is the lead appointer for South East and does Men’s and Ladies Premier matches in the South East.
  • Alan Dow umpires National League Conference Ladies matches (and also South Central matches)

How does it work?
Everyone is an individual, as such we will work out with you what support you need. There is no one-sized fits all approach. There is no requirement for you to continue umpiring after the summer.
We will provide you with a whistle, you just need to turn up and have a go. If you don’t like it – then great that you have tried it.
Please contact Rob on or through the Pitchero message system.
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