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The Weekender – w09 – 10 Nov 2018


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W4  D0  L3

GF: 24    GA: 18




It was a Remembrance Day weekend and 100 years since the end of “The Great War”.  It is daunting to consider that the inaugural members of Fleet Hockey Club, formed in 1925, would all have lived through it.

But respect was paid by teams across the club to the fallen, as captured here of U14g before their game on Remembrance Sunday.

Having celebrated the downing of arms, the sides then raised their weapons in the altogether more agreeable conflict of hockey.

The results seem to have turned a corner with the best club performance since week 4.  Goal Difference is back in the black, the GF average is over three for the first week this season.  The GA average has fallen too.

That said, not everyone had it their way.  M1’s loathing of the road continues and M3 & L4 couldn’t quite keep their opponents out.  But the the bookies called all of the ladies’ games this week as Ladies 1 to 3 all defeated lower-placed opposition, albeit each conceding a frustrating single goal.  However this week’s Team of the Week was M2 who defeated second placed Petersfield to steal their spot in the table.

L2 hammered (he’s off again..) Winchester 7-1 at home.  No hat-tricks but Emily scored her first two of the season whilst Sienna also claimed a pair.  Ruth also got her first of the season.  Vicky Rondeau was Player of the Match for attacking from the back.  Ergo, defending from the front wasn’t as good..?  They remain third but also level with second on points.

L3 hosted Fareham and similarly saw them off 5-1.  Lisa Garvey bagged the only hat-trick of the day, scoring four.  She wrote the match report and elected not to ask for a Player of the Match so you can read between those lines as you please.  L3 move up two places to fourth, three behind the leaders.

M2 were at home to Petersfield and saw them off with a 3-1 victory.  Jack scored two of these and earned Man of the Match in the process.  M2 move up two places to second and only lag the leaders on Goal Difference.

L1 were the only victors on the road with a 2-1 win at Haslemere.  Ellen Knighton scored both of the goals whilst Becky Geoghegan was Player of the Match for her tireless energy and great tackling.  They remain top, but share the same points with two others in a tight battle for the lead.

M1 had a trip to Dorset to face Bournemouth and came off the worse in a 3-5 encounter.  Jamie scored two whilst Darayus Vaccha added his name to my goalscorer spelling angst.  Jamie was also voted Man of the Match.  They slip a place to fourth behind the day’s opponents and are now four points off the lead.

M3 travelled to Andover but were unpicked 1-3.  Richard was on target but the Man of the Match award went to Sahil for his sterling work in goal.  M3 drop a place to eighth.

L4 visited second placed Alton and, in spite of scoring three were eventually overcome 3-6.  Carol found the net twice together with one from Imogen.  The team was awarded Player of the Match.  They move up a place with defeat – thanks to the goals scored at the right end which meant their GD is better (/less worse..) than P&S.  They are still only a win off the top half of the table, however.

A full set of games this week, with the Ones having the pick of the matches.

M1 host leaders, Yateley, whom they have beaten before but it has always been an exciting game.

L1 are the leaders and they host second side, Hamble, who share the same number of points with L1 and Winchester (3rd, who travel to IoW, 4th).  L1 will be looking for revenge for the narrow 2-3 reverse at home last season.

The other ties, in contrast to last week, are all much closer in the table so harder for the bookies to call.  Watch this space for more details.




W3  D0  L1

GF: 12    GA: 14

This was a successful weekend overall for the Juniors with a cup win and two strong league showings and only one defeat in the four games.

U14 boys and girls both won against stiff opposition but the Young Harts of the Week were U16g for their fine cup win over Aldershot & Farnham.  And proof there is a goal at the end of every rainbow.

U16g travelled the length and breadth of, er, Heath End to face Aldershot & Farnham in the cup.  Both sides came from behind to equalise in the first half but it was U16g who ran out winners by convincingly winning the second half for it to finish 5-2.  Amy Cradden scored two with Emily Love, Frida Kenning and Imogen Scutter also hitting the net.  They were through to the quarter-finals but Yateley, whom they would have faced, pulled out which gives them a semi-final in the New Year against the winners of the quarter-final between Trojans and Alton.

U14b2 continue their dominance of Division 2 with their third straight win.  The most recent success came at Camberley & Farnborough whom they saw off 4-2.  Alex Thompson, Paddy Cradden, Tom Montgomery and Joss Hamblen each scored.  They are out in front at the top but A&F, whom they face before Christmas, are also unbeaten but a game behind.

U14g faced a Basingtoke side with several strong players but won through tenacity and team play.  Maddie Saunders scored twice and Olivia Rutherford added a third.  Basingstoke came back to 3-2 with a sublime goal and then won a p-flick with a minute left.  But this match was won by Tallulah Smith who pulled off a quick save to give U14g the win.  They top their table as the only invincible side and with the best GD.

U12b2 struggled against a strong Aldershot & Farnham side and were eventually undone 0-8.  This was one of those ‘learning’ days.  They do, however, remain fourth.

Nathan remains top but Maddie moves up five to third and Alex improves two to fourth.

U12g7 had three sides in action at home this weekend.  Between them they won half of their twelve games, drawing and losing three others.

Hope Horne top scored on three with Leona Barker and Poppy Metcalfe getting two each.  Other scorers were Amelia Stevens, Anna Graham and Emma Peet.

The full junior goalscorers table can now be found on the ‘Season Report page.




We are now just one goal shy of 150, scoring at an average 16.6 goals/week.  This works out at 2.5/game which is the second best season average for week 9.

This keeps us on track for our four-century season, but we have a game or two remaining before we can start to count those particular chickens.

GF average was over three for the first time, reaching a season high of 3.4.

On the team GS front, L2 made the most ground, overhauling M2 on their way to third place.  They are now only two behind L1.

At the other end of the table, M3 slip to last place following L3’s five goal haul.  But there are only two goals covering the bottom four.

On the GD front, L2 bounce back into the black with this week’s seven goals as they draw level with M2.

At the top, L1 move into first place on +18, two ahead of M1.




It was sunny the other end of the pitch…

Great excitement in the Peet household this week as Emma’s goal sees them launch spectacularly into the table on, er, two.  But probably not (yet) worrying the leaders, the Bennetts, even though they failed to score this week.

Sienna’s two for L2 keeps the second-placed Boyce family ahead of the Hobkirks who added one through Lisa.  They, in turn, remain just ahead of the Craddens who added three to their total through Amy (2) and Paddy.

There was more movement below this too as the Metcalfes added four, Jack and Poppy claiming two each.

The Scutters put on another pair as Imogen found the net at both Senior and Junior level and the Rutherfords moved ahead of the Islips on number of scorers as Olivia found the net.

The final mention, however, doesn’t go to a goal-scorer but to the best family contribution in one game so far.  That accolade goes to the Butler family who provided the U14g with a player (Rachel), a manager (Chris), an umpire (Nathan) and a photographer (Helen).  You couldn’t ask for a better advertisement for family hockey.




This has moved ahead again with a 57% win rate for the week taking the number of wins to 28.  You have to look forward to week 13 in any previous year to reach that number.

The season’s win% moves back up to 47%, still the best of any season at this stage.




No Clean Sheets this week which means we still have the same top two but they do swap places as Lauren makes the schoolgirl error of playing a game which means her GA average falls half a point.

Lauren does, however, remain at the top of the season table with three CS.  Behind her Nick leads Sarah on GA average.

The season the GA average remains at 2.5.

The season’s GK table can now be found on the ‘Season Report page.




Thank goodness for Lisa Garvey or this would be a very quiet corner this week.

None of the four wins yielded a clean sheet and for all of L2’s seven goals they couldn’t add to their hat-trick tally.

But Lisa didn’t just manage a hat-trick, she bagged four of L3’s five goals to get both her and her team on the HT table.

All of which meagre showing means that the Attack have clawed one back but it is still 10-7 to the Defence.




The top two ladies’ teams power on with L1 hitting an enviable 88%.

Behind them, M2 move ahead of M1 while L4 slip below M4 who didn’t have a game this week.




Lisa is showing everyone how it is done this week with her fantastic four, but Richard and Jamie are ensuring she doesn’t rest on her laurels with three each.


It is still very even for the season as a whole with only two goals separating the top ten.

Lisa moves up thirteen places to fourth.

The full season’s table can be found on the ‘Season Report page.




There are several awards to be handed out in what was an eventful week.

Firstly the Nicki Johnston award has to go to our beloved Secretary and umpire, John Thompson (JT).  Having left the field at half time he took a tumble on the grass bank at Haslemere then kept both sides waiting as he dried his sodden shirt only to take an even more spectacular tumble on his return to the pitch.  Such attention seeking must surely not go unpunished.

The second award was more hotly contested.  This was the Friday Kenning award for match reports.  The male umpire of L1’s game writing their match report having ‘earned’ Doughnut of the Day might have won it, as might other reports on the FB group which I seriously recommend members of the club join to find out what ‘really’ is happening (rather than my spin on things).  But the award must go, not for the first time, to the king of match reports, Robbie Morgan, for his Trump-tweeting politico-analysis of the sides defeat that managed to sufficiently deflect attention away from the unwanted result – much like the Twit-in-Chief (Trump) himself.

But I should finish with my final plagiarised photograph of the day with a paparazzi shot of the club joining the Remembrance Parade in Fleet.





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