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The Weekender – w05 – 13 Oct 2018


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W4  D0  L4

GF: 22    GA: 18



Unlike the regularity of The Weekender, the season seems to be getting less and less predictable.  But this week had an elegant symmetry to it.  More on that later.  So what happened this week?

Well my early vision of a perfect season for M1 stalled in Andover but they took heed of L4’s bouncebackability last week and achieved the same goal margin to demonstrate their resilience.  And the rest of the men’s sides fared well too with M3 bagging their first win in convincing style and M2 continued their healthy start to the season.  M4 didn’t manage to make it a perfect four from four but given the bookies had written them off in a last v first away game they put in a very respectable performance against the odds.

For the ladies, it was harder graft this week.  Whilst L1 accomplished a clear win, L2 struggled against more lowly opponents and both L3 & 4 failed to find the net.  It seems what goes up…

What it does mean, however, is that there are four genuine candidates for Team of the Week.  All four victories had their merits.  But when it gets this difficult the committee delegates the decision-making to the emergency sub-committee which, whilst it costs more in wine than the main committee, is guaranteed a totally fair and impartial decision.  But after much watering the emergency sitting revealed that M3 were Team of the Week for deposing a previously higher-ranked side as well as keeping a clean sheet.

M1 bounced immediately back from last week with a staggering nine goals at home to Wimborne Wayfarers.  The visitors didn’t leave entirely empty handed but their brace in this predominantly one-sided encounter meant that there was no doubt of the deserved victors.  At least M1’s hockey is more of a finished article than their match reports.  Special mention must go to Kyle McFadzean who was not only Man of the Match but also bagged himself a hat-trick.  M1 are now third with the best GD in the division and only point off the lead.

L1 travelled to Yateley and made hay whilst the sun.. well they thrashed Yateley 5-0.  Player of the Match was Frida whose work rate saw her to a hat-trick.  Lauren Slack claimed the clean sheet.  L1 move up three places to second on goals scored, just a win behind their next visitors.

M3 bagged their first win with a clean sheet in a convincing 3-0 home win over Southampton Otters.  Alex Somerville was MotM for a sterling performance and scorching goal.  Richard Meakin should have had a hat-trick but for trying to make every goal his best ever but did manage to finish with two.  Matt Pryor earned the clean sheet.  The win sees them climb four places to fourth.

M2 was the third team to nominate their hat-trick scorer as Man of the Match as Tom Child’s triple saw them defeat Eastleigh 3-2 away.  This was a case of digging in (literally, according to the reports of agricultural opponents) as they went behind twice but they were ahead at the whistle which is what gets you the points.  They move up two positions to second.

You know the weekend hasn’t gone well when L2 lose a league game.  Some of the older members might remember this happening but apart from a minor aberration in November 2017 it hasn’t happened for 21 months.  But happen it did and so their undefeated run of fifteen games came to an end at home to Portsmouth & Southsea who hadn’t won so far this season.  There was some solace in a brace from the skipper but it ended 2-4 with Player of the Match, Caitlin Butcher, ensuring it wasn’t worse.  They remain second, three points behind leaders Basingstoke.

L3 hosted New Forest but were lost in the woods on the way to goal resulting in 0-3 defeat.  NF turned up without a keeper which meant playing an extra outfield player.  This can go either way as either you make the extra outfield player count (as they clearly did) or every trip into your ‘D’ results in a goal, but clearly L3 failed to capitalise.  Forest take over at the top of Division 6 as L3 slip to second, however other sides have games in hand which makes the table rather uneven.

L4 visited Portsmouth & Southsea beach but apart from enjoying the sun and the sand they were a little at sea and returned without a goal or a point as it finished 0-3.  Katie Garratt was Player of the Match.  They slip two positions to sixth.

M4’s match report began with the weather.  This is never a good sign.  Particularly when you are bottom and are away to the leaders.  In the end the result was somewhat predictable, but the margin wasn’t what it might have been.  M4 showed a lot of commitment and kept the hosts down to two goals a half.  Unfortunately they were unable to add any of their own and so it finished 0-4.  MotM was keeper Sahil Upadhaya for his work on restricting the top side.  On the upside, M4 haven’t dropped any places…

There are no games in Hampshire next week as most teams have a break for half term.  The remaining two are playing in the Dorset league.

M1 face their bogey side Swanage & Wareham which seems, in past seasons, to have tested the promotion ambitions of the side.  If they turn out in full force they should win.  If they don’t feel up to a trip to deepest, darkest Dorset then they may not as happened last year in a 0-3 reverse.  We will see in a week.

M2 are away to Poole against whom they enjoy scoring three.  If they concede fewer than this my bet is that they will win.  Otherwise.., well it’s arithmetic, init?




W3  D0  L2

GF: 23    GA: 12

No you read that correctly.  In spite of playing three games fewer than the free-scoring Seniors the Juniors still managed to amass a greater total.

U12b2 won with a clean sheet whilst U16b scored a hatful away from home in a performance that would ordinarily make them the top side.  However this week’s Team of the Week was U12g who scored no fewer than ten goals including two hat-tricks as well as keeping a clean sheet.

U12g defeated Petersfield 10-0.  Bea Edwards scored four and Millie Gates also claimed a hat-trick.  Sophie McGuire claimed two with Felicity Scutter deservedly getting the last goal.  Emma Garvey made the all-important saves to ensure she left with a clean sheet.  Credit to Petersfield for never giving up but this was a day when the goals just went in -many on the rebound.  They top their division (on the basis that the league is entirely fair this early when you’re winning).

U16b were away to Camberley & Farnborough whom they gave a lesson with a 8-2 battering.  Callum Abley scored a hat-trick with Will George getting two and James Islip, Ryan Bennett and Thomas Briggs also on target.  They are second in the early table.

U12b2 won 2-0 away to Winchester.  Tom Scarborough and Joseph Percigo were both on target and the keeper who claimed the clean sheet was Rohan Ranadé.  They move up three places to fourth.

U16g hosted Andover but although Imogen Scutter and Sienna Boyce scored the side finished 2-4 down in the rain.  They slip a place to sixth.

U12b1 travelled to Salisbury where they paid the price for only having a bare eleven, as well as no keeper for the first half, as they lost 0-6.  They slide two to fifth.

Charlie now shares top spot with Bea who, keeping in theme, both have four goals and a hat-trick whilst Callum and Millie play the same game close behind with their hat-tricks.

On the keeper front, the Junior section is now off the mark with not one but two Clean Sheets.  Both of these go to debutants in goal.




2014-15 was a record start to any season but we have now exceeded that with a new record for week 5 as we have already reached 86 so far.  The GF average is also 2.5 which is a four-year high at this stage.

But who is putting them away?  Well we have had four leaders already in the first five weeks.  M4 peaked a little early but after L2 and then M2 took the reins it is now M1 who top the chart following their nine this week.




And another family joins the party.  This time it is the Islips where James joins his father on the scorers list to give the family a foothold on the ladder as they enter on three so far.

Elsewhere Sienna adds another to keep the Boyces in top spot whilst Ryan adds his name to the Bennett tally to make them the first to have three scorers in the family.  Jodie’s goal too means that the Bennetts move up to second place on seven.  The Scutters move level with the Metcalfes with goals from Imogen and Felicity.




This is the one.  This is what is so remarkably outstanding this season.

You can make allowances for the club increasing the number of sides playing this year but nothing reflects the winning ways more than, well, the wins themselves.

The club has won no fewer than 50% of its games so far which after 34 games is an incredible achievement and the highest win ratio the club has ever seen.  We have already won more than any year has achieved by week eight.

Just wait till we really get going!




The symmetry continues in the GK table as all of the top four are inseparable.  All have played two, conceded three and have a clean sheet to their name.

My only grievance is that the GA average could be better.

Is that harsh?  You decide.  No, not you, GKs, we don’t want to know what you think.

That said, I’m not sure we ever will…

 The season’s GK table will appear on the ‘Season Report page soon.




A bumper week for goals was also a boon for HT and CS.

Frida, Kyle and Tom all put their colours on the HT chart as we double the number of HT for the Attack.

And the Defence aren’t far behind as both Lauren and Matt claimed their first of the season to bring the score level at Defence 6-6 Attack.




This is already very competitive with two teams on 80% and the ladies first two teams dominating.  For now…




Well it doesn’t get much closer than that with no fewer than four players on four goals and each with a hat-trick.  Kyle jumps straight into third place with his hat-trick while Nathan and Bernice get to three the long way.

For the season, Frida and Tom share the lead with 6(1) records and Jodie is third on 5(1).  Following her are Callum and Carol on 4(1) followed by another three with four goals.

The full season’s table will soon be available on the ‘Season Report page.




And so ends Symmetry week.  The same number of wins as losses as top scorers as top Junior scorers (and number of goals for each) as top keepers, notably four.

Four was also the number of defensive players on the losing side to get Player of the Match.  Which, of course, means it is clearly the Attack’s fault…

But that’s what the goalkeepers have been saying for ages.  Thank goodness nobody listens.

So M1 not only win but also file what could be described as a match report – just.  The Weekender is out on time – ish.  And the Defence are ganging up against the Attack.  Sounds like a normality of sorts.

Only this is 2018-19 and anything can, and most likely will, happen.  Just watch this space.



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