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The Weekender – w14 – 9 Dec 2017


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W1  D0  L1  PP2

GF: 5    GA: 5


Christmas Icing


The Men’s first team were short-handed this weekend with only fifteen players available but that didn’t sway them.  The ice has been a bit of a problem too but still the side managed a 6-2 win against the league leaders. 

What do you mean they didn’t play due to a frozen pitch?  Oh, you’re thinking of M1.  No they didn’t play due to the ice on the pitch so I went to watch the Bison instead.  The Bison, by contrast, are having problems keeping their pitch icy.  Perhaps we should swap as we seem to be quite good at it.  Still, I got my fix of M1 victories for the weekend and can save the hockey game for another day – although I am not sure when.

The ladies being made of sterner stuff, however, managed to get two-thirds of their games completed.  Not without an enormous amount of FB chatter beforehand, but we got there in the end.

This leaves us with two results from which to divine a Team of the Week. 

Well the first game saw L3 battle it out for a mid-table six-pointer but they weren’t able to overhaul their visitors.  Following on from them was L1 who put in an inspirational performance to inflict defeat on the league leaders and so they win the award of Team of the Week for the second week running.  I’m pretty sure they won’t get three in a row, however.  This is due to the system being irrevocably biased.  Or they’re not playing.  I’m not sure which.

L1 hosted old friends Fareham 2.  They have played each other every year since 2013-14 which, given they have been promoted twice is some achievement.  Not only that, they have taken three points off each other in all but one of those seasons. Now it seems that Fareham have had their fill of Div 2 and have loftier aspirations.  Thankfully they have FEHC to keep their feet on the ground and so it was that L1 defeated the leaders 3-2.  The scorers were Ellen Knighton, Frida Kenning and Leah Coney.  They remain third at Christmas but there are a number in the chasing pack with games in hand.

L3 scored twice at home to Southampton University.  Becky Geoghegan and Lisa Garvey’s goals weren’t enough, though, to avoid a 2-3 defeat.  The result sees them swap places as L3 slip to sixth.  In spite of this they are still only four points behind second place in what is a tight mid-table.

M1 failed to turn up to the ice-rink and so add another game in hand to next week’s delayed fixture.  This all bodes well provided they win all these ‘hidden’ points they are accumulating.  L2’s trip to Romsey was similarly called off.  Keep an eye on the fixtures pages for rescheduling of these games.

I did ask my bookie if I could have an each-way bet on M1 being Team of the Week next week.  I won’t repeat exactly what he told me but let’s just say my vernacular vocabulary has been extended.  I probably shouldn’t expect a Christmas present either.  Then again, I expect there will be plenty of support for M1’s game next week as it precedes the Christmas game, so hope that the sun comes out in time.




W0  D1  L0

GF: 1    GA: 1

P1, D1, GF1, GA1, Pts1.  This was one exciting game for the Junior section.  Exciting, that is, if one is your favourite number.

Actually U14g put in a scorching performance which was fortunate given the freezing, wet conditions.  They drew 1-1 (in case you hadn’t quite figured that out yet) in a friendly against Aldershot & Farnham, Rachel Butler scoring the goal.




2.5 isn’t a bad GF average but the lack of games saw the graph tail off this week.  Presumably we will be scoring a bucket-load when the iced-off games are eventually played, but until then…

Goal Difference is less negative again for the fourth week running.  Not only that but this week it wasn’t even negative.  OK so it wasn’t positive either, but beggars, choosers and all that.

The full season’s GS chart can be found on the ‘Season Report page.




And so the Butlers join the family tabl… ah, no.  Not quite.  It seems that the adult section is letting the side down with Chris seemingly unable to find the goal this season.  In fact he seems to struggle to find his stick in spite of the amount of time spent on the pitch in virtually every capacity other than that of player.

This week belongs to the Garveys who are the only team to make ground this week with a goal from Lisa.  They only need one more to overtake the Ableys on no. of scorers.

I expect Ellen will give the rest of her family hockey sticks this Christmas to give her a chance of topping this table.




This was a challenging week with only two games which made my call last week for three wins a little beyond the grasp even of my tenuous grip on reality.

But at least we registered a win.  I will settle for just one win next week -is that fair?




No clean sheets this week but the GA average did fall to 2.5.

The season average remains at 2.7.

The season’s GK table is on the ‘Season Report page.




It was all going too swimmingly with three consecutive weeks in which we have had both HT and CS.

By contrast we managed to avoid both this week.  But there’s plenty more opportunity left before Christmas.  Well the solitary M1 game, anyway.




L1 move up again – making 53% this week – which in many seasons is enough to be clear at the top.  But this isn’t many seasons as M1 have demonstrated.

M2 move ahead of L3 by not playing, such are the vagaries of the Scott counting system.




Ellen remains top of the Christmas chart.. for now.  Only M1 can topple her and their top name is Matt Viney.  He only needs four to beat her, though.


Leah continues to keep pace with Ellen and so remains a mere ten behind. 

Becky moves up three places to sixth whilst Lisa and Frida move onto three each.

The full season’s table is available on the ‘Season Report page.



The editor is feeling sorry for himself this week.  The family are playing the fun game that many, if not most, families play at this time of year which is ‘Christmas Cold Relay’.

The aim of the game is to pass the cold on to the rest of the family, but not too quickly or you won’t have time to catch it again before you have just managed to get rid of it the first time.

We seem to be particularly good at this.

I’m off for a dose of Calpol.  Then to the office to find out how everyone there is getting on with the game.

Well after all it is the season of giving, isn’t it?



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