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The Weekender – w09 – 4 Nov 2017


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W2  D3  L1

GF: 14    GA: 9


Three drawers


All things being equal, as they seem to have been in recent weeks, the spoils are shared.  After Desmond stirred up a storm of 2-2s last week we had a symmetrical trio of results this week with a 1-1, a 2-2 and a 3-3.  You might call that a progression, but it is still only three points for three games and I was looking for something a little different in terms of progress.

Nonetheless it was far from an unsuccessful weekend as the odd men both won – with M3 recording their first maximum of the season – and the ladies both drew, as did M4, who seem to have made something of a habit of it.

There was also Goal Difference to consider and this was a healthy +5 which, whilst it doesn’t quite rub out the season’s deficiency is still a positive – in more ways than one.

With two wins on offer it is tempting to give M3 credit for their hard earned away win, but Team of the Week goes to M1 for their 5-0 demolition away to eighth-placed Blandford.

M1 kept up their 100% league record with their fifth consecutive win.  A hat-trick for Khurram Mahmood was added to by David Fox and Ollie Bradgate to see them run out 5-0 victors away to Blandford & Sturminster Newton at Iwerne Minster (and you thought FEHC was a mouthful..).  Dan Wall claimed the clean sheet in what is known as a perfect three points, having both hat-trick and clean sheet.  They remain second due only to their deferred game vs A&F.

M3 logged their first three pointer with a 2-1 away win against Fareham with a drag flick from Geoff Slack (who scored a drag flick last week) and a goal from Callum (not James) Abley, who also scored last week.  The win sees them fly up the table absolutely no places at all and remain ninth.  They are, however, just a win off sixth spot.

L2 continue their unbeaten run – which has now reached fourteen games – but were unable to secure all three points in a 3-3 draw at home to Aldershot & Farnham.  Amy Craden (who scored last week), Becky Geoghegan and Lucy Presskett all scored.  They remain second but there are now four teams within two points.

L1 also drew – theirs away to Basingstoke.  Ellen Knighton (who scored last week) and Ellie Williams were on target in their 2-2 stalemate.  They too remain second but, as for L2, the chasing pack are not far behind.

M4 managed their fourth draw of the season with a 1-1 scoreline at home to Yateley, Chris Bennett (who scored last week) getting the all important goal.  They are seventh but are, somewhat incredibly, level on points with fourth place without having recorded a win.

M2 narrowly avoided me having to tick off another ‘unbeaten’ weekend as they slipped to a 1-2 defeat away to Camberley & Farnborough.  Richard Meakin didn’t score last week, but did manage it this time.  They slip a place to fifth.

There are a couple of bankers (on paper) this weekend but, as we saw last weekend, league position isn’t always reflected on the team that turn out on the pitch.  So there are no bankers and you had better go to training after all.

M3 have the tricky task of the weekend as they face invincible leaders Petersfield whilst L1 have an enticing 2nd v 3rd tussle.




W3  D0  L2

GF: 28    GA: 16

Usually the Juniors put their elders to shame by not only recording better results, but also turning out to score most of the senior goals too.  This weekend things between youngers and olders were a little closer.  Not all the junior scorelines were close, though.

Top of the order – and this week’s Young Harts of the Week – were U12b1 (not a Star Wars extra, but the Under 12 Boys 1st team) who scored an amazing thirteen goals.  I’m just galled they couldn’t quite add the clean sheet…

They did, however, manage two hat-tricks.  In fact Alex Thompson and Arthur Gent-Eggett both scored four with William Caine (two), Charley Ivey, Jack Hobkirk and Harry Johnson giving them a 13-1 win.  Not only that, it was also an away game in a foreign county as they were visiting Bournemouth.  Devon, I think it is.  Well it feels like it.  The invincibles top Division 1.

Not to be outdone, U12g also recorded a convincing with, theirs a 7-1 away victory in Yateley.  Felicity Scutter and Eleanor Hembsy both scored twice whilst Olivia Rutherford, Bea Edwards and Millie Gates made it seven.  They are now second with the best GD in the league.  The latter doesn’t count for anything in league terms but that doesn’t stop it simply being a ‘Good Thing’.

U14b also scored seven in their cup game, but only four in ordinary time as it finished 4-4.  Jack Hobkirk scored two with Toby Hulse and Jake Beckett also on target.  Jack, Chris Povey and Sam Ruffel scored from the spot in the penalty shoot-out that saw them through to the next round 3-0.

Top class P-flick save sees U14b into the next round

U16g had a close game at home to Petersfield, but it finished 1-2 in favour of the visitors.  Jodie Bennett claimed the goal.  They slip to – a still respectable – 3rd place in the league.

U14g had a lesson in humility at home to Trojans who made the most of their large pool of players.  They didn’t manage to score this time and so slip to 11th, but are still only a win off sixth and it is still early days.

Jack’s four goals this week (penalties count, but they don’t make a hat-trick I’m afraid…) see him leap to second behind Amy.  Alex and Arthur also scored four (including hat-tricks) and are now tucked in just behind Jack.  It’s getting very competitive out there.




Right.  Pay attention now.  This is it.

In 2013-14, week 9 was the second highest scoring week.  In 2014-15 it was third “Boooom!“.

After this it was week 10.  In 2015-16 it was the top scorer “The Roaring Forties“, in 2016-17 it was second top “It’s a numbers game“.

So “what’s your point?”, I hear you ask.  Well I’ll tell you.

We scored fourteen goals this week.  Not bad.  But it isn’t even the second highest number of goals so far, let alone for the whole season.

But next week is week ten.  All seven teams are in action and all but M3 are playing lower placed sides.

So unholster those guns and let fly.  Next time I say “Draw!” I’m not talking about the result.

Whilst GS has slipped back to third place, Goal Difference was +5 which brings us ‘up’ to -31.  Not a brilliant total, but given the league & cup total is +6 it just shows how hard those friendlies were.

The full season’s GS chart will appear on the ‘Season Report page when I have finished the last barrel.




We seem to have hit a respectable Win% of around one third then stopped.  This week was exactly one third but with three more (or fewer..) goals it could have been 83%.


I don’t know what the most common word to occur in these missives, but I suspect ‘if’ will be up there somewhere.

Anyway, 2014-15 got a bit ahead of themselves in week 9 so I’m looking for a good set of wins in week 10 -to go with the goals of course.




Another clean sheet.  Another Wall in the goal as Mr Wall catches up with Mrs Wall on the CS front.

But wait a minute, that can’t be right.  Stop the presses!  Mrs Wall DIDN’T record a clean sheet.

No, I couldn’t believe it either.  I suspect a conspiracy.  That is the only rational explanation.  Perhaps there’s a plot between these walls.

New to the table, Robert King deserves a mention for his debut between the sticks.

Dan now moves ahead of Emily (further evidence, your Honour) in the season’s total on GA average.

The season’s GK table will appear on the ‘Season Report page after I have sorted the wine cellar.




And the Attack are back in the game with Khurram recording his first HT of the season – although the Defence, courtesy of Dan, matched them again.

So M1 and L2 are fighting it out for top billing on both counts.




M1 just keep taking this to new levels with over 85% win rate – their only blemish being a draw in a friendly.

Elsewhere it is getting very tight in the middle order as L1 slip back and M3 make a belated attempt to join the fray.




This is fairly easy so far.  Khurram has scored a hat-trick and nobody else has.  Bang!

Of course those who seem to be scoring every week do have the rest of the month to slide gently ahead of this total.


There is little change in the top order for the season but Khurram jumps up eight places.

The Ollies join each other just below him as one of them has scored almost every week.


The full season’s table isn’t available on the ‘Season Report page.  But it will be (allegedly).



Right have we caught up yet?

Amidst all the holidaying and tackling a goal (still an unwise thing to do in hindsight) I still don’t know whether I’m coming or going.  Or playing, for that matter.

But enough about me.  How are you?

Or, more to the point for the men, where are you?  We’ve got some winning to do and I really don’t see how we are to do it if you don’t turn up.  So stop going on holiday and injuring yourself and.. oh.  Have I just won some sort of award?  I hope not…


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