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The Weekender – w02 – 16 Sep 2017


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W1  D0  L5

GF: 7    GA: 26


Leaving it late

(in life)


There was a lot of learning being done this weekend.  And most of it was being done by M1 and the three Ladies’ sides who all embarked on relatively suicidal matches against teams between two and four divisions higher than them.  That said, even discounting the Ladies’ results against Romsey (M1’s were already discounted as they are not full games), the goal difference was still negative with the opposition scoring twice our number (5-10).  But FEHC are made of sterner stuff and the league will seem like child’s play once the ferocity of the ‘friendlies’ are out of the way.

Bring your stick, they said…    We’ll get you on before the end, they said…

But there was a silver lining to Saturday’s cloud.  Or, to be more precise, it was a silver-haired lining as this week’s Team of the Week, the Men’s Vets (MV), secured their first win in the Wessex Masters Cup on Sunday to ensure there wasn’t a blank in the Win column.

L2 fared least badly of all the Ladies – all three of which hosted their respective numbers from Romsey – and did at least score twice in their 2-4 reverse against Romsey 2.  Esha Lall and Sara Thurman ensured respectability to the scoreline against a side two divisions higher.  Next week they visit Yateley 3 who are a mere one division up the league.

M4 also bagged a brace, this time through Callum Abley and Martyn Garvey, but came off worse at home to Camberley & Farnborough 4 in spite of being eight players better off than their opponents.  They finished the game three goals and two players down – not least Ian Fitzgerald who nobly fell on his sword – and the game finished 2-5.  I have long maintained that you can have too many substitutes as this 19-11 ‘advantage’ would suggest.  But with this rate of attrition it might be seen as a wise precaution.  They travel to Alton 4 next.

M2 succumbed 1-4 away to Alton 2 in a tester against the side that dominated Div 7 last season.  They host them again in the league next month so it will be interesting to see what motivation points has on the team.  Ollie Jones continued to be the sole scorer for M2.  They have a week off on Saturday before the league begins.

M1 entered the Hampshire Cup and faced three sides far higher up the food chain and were all but swallowed whole.  Their first opponents, Yateley 1, are from Division 1 (three divisions above M1).  They put in a good account but it finished 0-1.  Next they faced Winchester 2 from Hants/Surrey Regional 2 (four divisions higher) where they lost 0-3.  After these exertions they, somewhat unsurprisingly, lost 0-3 to Aldershot & Farnham 1 (promoted to Div 1 last season).  They will be looking forward to a gentle trip to Camberley & Farnborough 2 who, in Surrey 3, are only one division their superior.

L1 were undone by Romsey 1 who made the difference between Div 1 and Div 2 seem a gulf.  The ladies were unable to score in a 0-6 reverse.  A tough lesson a week before the league starts, but a lesson nonetheless and we will wait to see what they learned from it in their first league game on Saturday.  They travel to Haslemere 2 who finished one place below them last season.

L3 were similarly beaten 0-6 by Romsey 3 who have clearly had a productive summer.  They have a week off next week to gather themselves.

MV (above) secured their first win this century in the Wessex Masters Cup (well it is only their fourth game) when they hosted Woking Old Peculiars.  Richard Meakin was on target twice and, whilst MV could have had more, it was a well earned three points as it finished 2-1.  The result means they are level on points with Petersfield and Guildford and only have to win their final game to have a decent chance of going through to the finals.  This final game is next Sunday away to Petersfield, Cup and League double winners in both the last two seasons…




The Junior section kicked off their league season this week with a mixture of success.

U16g made the mistake of playing Romsey who (as any girl this weekend will now tell you) are a league above.  Having come second in Div 1 last season with only one defeat they were, naturally, promoted to Div 2 this season.  This plan may backfire if oppositions fail to turn out for the inevitable mauling, but we will see.  Fortunately the league have put an eight goal limit on the number any side can concede in one game.  This, by my reckoning, means they will have exactly 64 goals at the end of the season.  Look forward to that if you will.

U16b, meanwhile, travelled, as M2 did, to Alton.  In the end they recorded a defeat, as M2 did, and conceded four goals, as M2 did.  But their’s was a more closely fought encounter as two goals from Will George and one from Thomas Briggs saw them 3-4 down at the close.

The award for Young Harts of the Week, however, must go to U12g who, in spite of not finding the net themselves, held out for the only point of the day in a goalless draw – or ‘dominant draw’ to quote the Manager.  More is now expected of a full squad this season.




“Less is more”, they say.  But what do ‘they’ know?

Less was certainly less (or rather, fewer) this weekend as we scored fewer goals than last week and, more importantly, fewer than almost all of the opposition.

The full season’s GS chart will appear on the ‘Season Report page when I have got round to setting it up.




More quotes for your digestion:

“Winning isn’t everything..” (Arnold Palmer)

“Happiness isn’t getting what you want..” (Garth Brooks)

“You learn more from losing than winning..” (Morgon Wotten)

“There are more important things in life than winning..” (Lionel Messi)

No, no, no, no, no.  That just won’t do -they are so off-message.  Let’s try again:

“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing” (Vince Lombardi)

“Two.  Sixty-three to go.” (The Weekender)

Now you’re talking.  We’re on the case.

“Let them eat cake” (attr. Marie Antoinette)

I like cake.  And winning.

But this week was a cake week.  Definitely.




The vigour of the friendlies to date has played havoc with the GK stats.  Lauren came off worst by picking the most difficult games whilst Dan ducked a blow by playing in non-qualifying games and the only win of the week, although he narrowly missed out on the first clean sheet of the season.

Currently ‘No keeper’ is 3rd= in the table and only needs a clean sheet to go top.  Then again, anyone with a clean sheet would be sitting pretty at the moment.

I blame the Fixtures Secretary for choosing such difficult opponents.  You can blame who you want, but the numbers don’t lie.

The season’s GK table will appear on the ‘Season Report page in due course.




Following Richard Meakin’s reverse strike followed up by a deflection off a part of the stick I didn’t even know existed in the first half of the Vet’s game I was sure he would get a mention here.  Dan also narrowly avoided getting his name in print at the other end.  But instead we’re all left staring at a blank wall instead of a colourful chart.

Although, come to think of it, a blank wall (or Wall blank) is actually what we wanted in the first place.  Maybe I should be more careful what I wish for.




Well you might as well give up now as the Men’s Vets have clearly sewn this up for the season.





Well we have a leader.  It wasn’t in one game, but three in the first two is not to be sniffed at and should certainly put a smile on your face.  

And nobody, it appears, smiles more than the leading goalscorer, Ollie.


The full season’s table isn’t available on the ‘Season Report page.  But it will be.



It didn’t take long.

But like a Nicki Johnston faux pas, you wait five minutes for one, then three come at once.

There were contenders of a more classical (and I use the word unadvisedly) nature, but the awards this week are for PDAs – Public Displays of Accidents.  Sam Logan was mentioned in dispatches for his ankle injury and, with only eight subs, things were getting pretty tight for M4.  Kate Fitzgerald mentioned (/showed) her injury by way of an impressively sized bruise incurred on the front line.  But the women were outdone by the men, for once, as the award for doing yourself no good on the hockey field must go to Ian Fitzgerald.


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