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The Weekender – w22 – 4 Mar 2017


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W4  D0  L2

GF: 18    GA: 13


Home straight


Well we got all our sides out this week and weren’t under the same level of pressure that last week’s staffing levels brought.  It wasn’t perfect, but 4-0-2 is one whole lot better than 2-0-4.  Throw in a +5 GD and were on our way to a good post-season party.  Although there is still a bit of work to be done yet we are now on the home straight as the tables begin to fall into shape and all can see who has the best chance of a title or of winning promotion and who is likely to be going down.

The big news this week is that Haslemere 3 lost which means M1 move back into the promotion spot with their win.  But that is not all.  No fewer than four teams won and three of them moved up a place in their tables whilst the other three held their place.

With all those goals and wins – not to mention a hat-trick and two clean sheets – we have some genuine challengers for team of the week.  M1 put themselves in the frame with their win as well as a clean sheet.  And by not asking to be nominated.  M2 scored the most of all the men in their win and M3 put in a strong performance against a higher placed side, again without conceding.  But this week’s team of the week effected a dominant display as they convincingly thrashed a side that was in clear contention for the title at the start of play.  That team was, of course, L2 who win Team of the Week for the fourth time this season.

L2 demolished second-placed Winchester Academy 8-1 at home.  Five goals from an on fire Frida Kenning together with two from Velvet Elson and one by Bernice Gunn saw them defeat the side with the fewest defeats in their league.  A solitary goal kept them from icing their cake with a clean sheet.  Their sixth consecutive win moves them to within two points of second spot but they remain fourth on goal difference.  Their next game is away to bottom side City of Portsmouth (GD -113).  Goals count here and so a thrashing could be enough to move up a place even if third side, University of Portsmouth, win.

M1 moved back to second place – partly due to their solid 3-0 win over Aldershot & Farnham, but largely due to the seemingly inexplicable defeat of Haslemere by tenth side Bournemouth.  M1s goals came from the club’s top scorers Khurram Mahmood (2) and David Fox.  Toby Jackson earned the clean sheet.  Their next game is away to ninth side, Fareham, but they should beware teams in relegation dog-fights – as can be seen by Halemere’s misfortune last week.

M2 travelled to bottom side, City of Portsmouth, and might have hoped to come home with a better result, but will have to settle with their 4-2 win.  Goals were shared between Lewis Shadrake, Ollie Bradgate, Simon Islip and Jon Humphreys.  They move up to sixth with this win but need to keep performing as only a win separates the sides between fourth and eighth.  This begins with next weeks visit by Basingstoke who are bottom of this mid-table pile.

M3, and Toby Jackson, recorded the second clean sheet of the day in their 2-0 win over fourth-placed Fareham.  Phil Hutson and Andy Auge-de-Rancourt were the scorers.  They also move up to sixth but are only three points above relegation so can’t afford to hang up their sticks for the season just yet.  Next is their second last game of the season which is a trip to leaders, Alton.

Ben takes evasive action for M3

L1 travelled to league leaders, New Forest.  Their effort to erase the memory of a 0-7 home defeat in the first half was partly successful in that they scored as well as conceding fewer goals, but it was not enough to prevent a 1-5 defeat.  Emma Stewart was, at least, on target.  They hope to bounce back with a vist from Isle of Wight (fifth) on Saturday.

M4 also conceded five in their trip to the league leaders but sadly weren’t able to post a reply.  They now languish in tenth spot, but are only two points behind seventh and so a win could see them rise three places.  All they need to do is defeat fourth side Swanage & Wareham next.




U12 boys fought a tight tussle at Haslemere and managed to hold out for the full three points with a 1-0 win.  Jack Hobkirk scored the winner and Adam Smith was in goal – having stepped up from the U10s – to claim the clean sheet.  They move up to fourth (/10) in their first season following promotion.

U12 girls played a friendly away to Yateley.  The final result was 1-3 with Emma Garvey on target.




We have broken the 300 mark with a grand total of 304 goals.  This is already 28 more than last season and only two fewer than the total for 2014-15.  And we still have 23 games to go.

The projected goals for the remainder of the season (based on team averages to date) shows us reaching around the 350 mark.  But there are a couple of games that could yield above average tallies so I am sure we can beat this.

Goal Difference has been anything but exciting this season.  Having reached a low of -33 in week 9 I feared the worst but it subsequently picked up and then, even more surprisingly, stabilised just above zero and has now reached the dizzy heights of double figures at +12.  Where is will end nobody knows, but with eight weeks in the black now, I’m all for keeping it dull and positive…

The full season’s GS chart also appears on the ‘Season Report page.





Assume nothing

We have now had eight consecutive weeks with at least two wins.  This week’s four brings the total to 53 – only five shy of the 2013-14 total.


This brings the target win rate down to 22% of the remaining games, well below the season’s 43%, so I am now looking at breaching the 60 barrier.




Toby has asked that nobody mention his double clean sheet this week as he is too embarrassed at it being brought up all the time.

I didn’t like to point out that it was only him bringing it up, but there you go.  Just doing my bit.

I would, however, like to give a shout to Graham for putting his body on the line against the league leaders as all the other keepers were looking elsewhere for clean sheets or doing their nails (again).

Toby has now deposed Matt for second place in the season’s table and there are plenty of games remaining to challenge Lauren on clean sheets.  Surpassing her GA average might be trickier, though.

The season’s GK table is on the ‘Season Report page.




M1 and Toby’s clean sheet this week puts them level with M4 on five, and only one behind leaders, L2.

On the attack front, Frida could only manage five goals – I don’t know why.  Perhaps she wasn’t really trying?  Still whilst she narrowly avoided a double hat-trick she does at least get her name on the table and put L2 level with L3.

I have noticed, in fact, that ever since I started the M1 attack v L2 defence, neither has contributed very heavily but the M1 defence and L2 attack have come on instead.  Maybe that was the idea all along?  Who knows -least of all me.  But all of this shenanigans means that the Defence are back on track and now lead 23-17.




Anything can happen

I think that L2 have been eating Jaffa Cakes.  You know, once you have started eating them (/winning) you just can’t wait for your next one.  Then, all too late, you realise you have selfishly finished (/demolished) the packet (/the league).  M1 are on a charge too, though, and L3 can’t be ignored either.

Elsewhere M2 move up a place and M3 are putting in a late charge.




That is the way to lay down the gauntlet for the month, Frida.

I might also point out that five goals every week will leave you on 20 before for the month.

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to five, but I like to be conservative…


The top two were both on target this week as Khurram returns to second place with his two whilst Foxy tries to keep him at bay by two goals and two hat-tricks.

Bernice consolidated her fourth place and Frida flies ten places up the table to sixth.  Ollie and Velvet also move up to double figures.

The full season’s table is available on the ‘Season Report page.


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