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The Weekender – w21 – 25 Feb 2017


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W2  D0  L4

GF: 15    GA: 15


Dressed to the nines


As a rule we prefer the number thirteen.  Don’t ask me why, but it is a number we tend to embrace, whether playing on the thirteenth, getting thirteen points or thirteen goals -L1 even achieved this in one game in 2014.

This week, however, we settled for nine.  But as it turned out this was less lucky a number as a whole.  Yes, we once again avoided a negative goal difference and, yes, saw a couple of hat-tricks and wins.  But we also registered three blanks and lost more than we won, which is not like the performance of late.  Still – the positives first:

It was Ladies day this week, and not for the first time.  Although L1 struggled, L2 scored plenty in their win whilst Team of the week, L3, were dressed to the nines and dressed to kill with two hat-tricks and narrowly missed out on a clean sheet.  It’s only a shame that the other six sides could only manage six goals between them.

L3 beat second placed Aldershot 9-1 with hat-tricks from Kate Cradden and Molly Kelly, two goals from Leah Coney and one by Ellie Williams.  The win sees them usurp their opponents in the league as they steal second spot by virtue of a massively superior GD (34 goals better, to be exact).  They now have two weeks off before facing the leaders on Festival Day.

L2 travelled to fifth side Romsey. Their 4-3 win did see them stay level on points with third side University of Portsmouth but they are now behind on GD by four.  However they are now nine point clear of fifth.  Emily Love scored twice with Velvet Elson and Bernice Gunn getting one apiece.  They next face second placed Winchester Academy at home in an effort to close the promotion gap.

Dressed to kill, but firing blanks

M1 had the opportunity to go top of the league as 1st played 3rd so not all the top three would be able to maintain a 100% record.  However, staff shortages and the difficult away trip to fourth side US Portsmouth resulted in a narrow 0-1 loss that saw them drop out of the promotion spots.  On the positive side, promotion remains in their hands as they still have to play both the top two, but they will be hoping that everyone stops skiing/taking spring holidays/getting injured/working (or other feeble excuse) and starts focusing on the job in hand.  If so, they are more than capable of at least promotion, if not more.  They still have the best GD in the league.  Their next task is to beat sixth placed A&F at home, a side they already defeated 5-3 this season in the away fixture.

M3 also lost 0-1 having relied on many M4 players to step up.  They did a fair job of playing three leagues higher but weren’t able to get on the scoresheet.  They remain seventh but are amongst five sides separated by only two points so could be anywhere from fifth to ninth depending on results after they host Fareham next week.

M2 did manage to score -through Ollies, Jones & Bradgate, and even managed to lead.  But for them nine was an unlucky number as this was the number of players fielded and so, somewhat inevitably, they fatigued later in the game and eventually lost 2-6.  They drop two places to seventh and will be looking to make amends as they take a full side to bottom placed City of Portsmouth (GD: -60).  They need to climb both league and team goals tables.

L1 hosted a strong Basingstoke side who belied their eleventh position with a solid performance that saw L1 fire a blank.  The 0-3 loss sees them drop two to eighth.  They travel to leaders New Forest on Saturday.

M4 suffered the accumulation of personnel shortages amongst the men, as evidenced by the results, when they had to postpone their game against Poole.




U16 boys were out this week but, somewhat against the run of form, didn’t manage a 7-0 win with a hat-trick and a clean sheet.  They did, however, secure a 4-2 victory at home to Yateley with goals from Nathan Holifield (2), Zander Lambrianou and Callum Abley.  This does see their results reach 7-0-0 as they convincingly top their league whilst keeping the Juniors’  “7-0″‘ theme running.

Speaking of 7s, the U12 7s were also in action in a tournament hosted by Aldershot & Farnham, recording very creditable results of W 4 – D 1 – L 3 ; GF 11 – GA 9.

Overall, Nathan is the biggest winner in the Junior chart, moving to within 3 of top-scoring Frida.




The record is now 286 goals by week 21 – and by some distance.  The challenge, however, is to keep ahead of 2013-14 which had a later season and ‘THAT’ week (week 26) which still stands unsurpassed to date.

But the important thing to note is that we are on a roll and still have many games left in the season, and many goals that need to be scored too.

L3 leap two places in the team chart with their nine goals.

The five week average has been in double figures since week 5 and it is the second longest period in that zone.

The full season’s GS chart also appears on the ‘Season Report page.




That is now seven weeks on the trot with at least two wins.  No other season can match the total of 49 -in fact we have already beaten the season total for all but one of the previous seasons.

The total to beat is 58 (2013-14, of course) which means winning just over 31% of the remaining games – a very achievable task.




Of course, it’s not just dressing up that counts..

Matt cemented his position at the top of the GK table for February, albeit by not playing.  But his hard work had already been done.

Lauren kept up second spot whilst Dan moved up to third by improving his GA average.

There is little change in the season’s table as Lauren remains top with Matt closely followed by Dan, behind.

The season’s GK table is on the ‘Season Report page.




The irony of the week was that this was a 2-0 win for the attack.  The irony, of course, being that there we suffered three shut-outs.

L3 leapfrog L2 into second place in the HT table as they move onto four for the season, courtesy of Kate and Molly’s double act this week.




L2 breach the 70% mark for the season whilst L3 move ahead of M1 with their win.




Bernice seals top spot but not without scoring again to ensure rapid-fire Molly didn’t join her.


With the top two not scoring this week, Molly steals into second place with her third hat-trick.

Bernice climbs to fourth spot whilst the other big climber is Kate moving up six places with her 9-2 record.

The full season’s table is available on the ‘Season Report page.




There’s a very good reason the Men play their matches on one pitch and the Ladies on the other.  The reason is that the Ladies are far too dangerous.

It seems they are more dangerous when they’re training (this week) or warming up (week 19) than during games, but the boys aren’t prepared to take any chances.

I suppose if you show a picture of a Molly next to a gun, you can’t claim to be surprised to hear she’s been in the wars, can you?  Even so, although the Teardrop Explodes lyrics (and band name..) will no doubt be beyond her knowledge I couldn’t help but quote them here.

Anyway, Sarah hadn’t planned on doing anything else in particular at 01:30 on Wednesday morning so she might as well have been meeting interesting people in A&E.


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