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The Weekender – w19 – 27 Jan 2018


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W3  D1  L3

GF: 13    GA: 11


The mind bobbles


Beware of cheap imitations.  Now that FEHC have their black and yellow bobble hat out it seems that everyone is in on the act.  No, of course we were first…

Well the result line is the same as last week’s 3-1-3 with L1 filling in with an extra game where L3 had a gap in their league schedule.  GD also remains positive.  M1 continued their winning run.  There was also a clean sheet.

But.  And to be fair it isn’t a big ‘but’.  But it is a ‘but’.  The reality is that we scored fewer goals.  In fact only one game could be considered one-sided and most of the scorelines showed ones and twos.  But I suspect this makes for more exciting hockey.  I will echo my previous sentiment that it isn’t exciting winning 11-0.  It certainly isn’t fun being on the receiving end.  And we’ve done both this season.  The most exciting game I have watched this season was M1’s 5-4 victory over US Portsmouth.  Arguably not a defensive masterclass, but it has to be more fun than 1-0.

So who was Team of the Week?  Well M1 won again, but against more lowly opposition you would have hoped they might trouble at least one of the HT or CS charts below.  L2 also won – and convincingly.  Not only that but they defeated the second side to move into the promotion spot.  But they picked the wrong week for their brilliance.  Team of the Week goes to M4 who went one better than they did to earn their last honour by grabbing all three points.  Not only that but it was against a fifth placed side too.

L2 won big.  It was not only the 4-0 scoreline but also the fact that it was away to the second side.  To be fair, it was away at our pitch due to the fact that they were up against Aldershot & Farnham, but two goals from Velvet Elson and one each for Amy Cradden and Bernice Gunn ensured that the three points didn’t disappear down the road.  In the table, L2 swap places with their neighbours and remain a solitary point behind the leaders.  Velvet also moves up to top striker in the league (I don’t know why, perhaps it is done in league order?).  It does seem to read like a 70s chart list, though, with Velvet Underground, Hall & Oates and the BeeGees.  But then I wouldn’t know -that was before my time.

M4, like L2, also beat Aldershot & Farnham away at home.  Dan Wall and Chris Bennett both scored in the 2-1 win.  Jacob Whiting deserves a special mention -whilst not quite managing a clean sheet, his MotM performance made the difference at that end.  Their first win takes them on to eight points and, remarkably, only a single win behind fourth spot.

M1 defeated ninth-placed Basingstoke 2-1 at home.  This was a hard-fought win that belied the league difference between the sides.  Khurram Mahmood and Steve Riley were on target in the narrow victory.  But it was a victory and ensures they remain in control, if not yet in charge, of the division.  There was a moment before the top two had recorded their results when all three were on 13 games (see table).

M3 held third-placed Havant to a 2-2 draw at home, with goals from Callum Abley and Nathan Holifield.  The point may yet be valuable as City of Portsmouth continued their erratic performance by losing to bottom side Fareham (having convincingly beaten M3 and Tadley).  The suggestion is that M3 should climb out of the danger zone, but they will need more wins to do this.

L1 lost 1-2 at home to Basingstoke with whom they drew, away, in November.  Ellie Williams was on target.  They remain sixth but will be left wondering ‘what if..?’ as they are only four behind third spot.

M2 slumped 1-3 away to Alton.  Richard Meakin scored the only goal against their hosts, who have shown their worth since winning Div 7 last season.  M2 remain sixth.

L1 were fed up with losing a close game by a solitary goal, despite always scoring themselves, so visited the University of Surrey for a mid-week friendly.  Despite scoring through Leah Coney, however, they lost by a solitary goal – 1-2 in the end.  It isn’t funny any more, though so I’m putting them on a warning.


A mix of games this week.  M4 move on from their first win by hosting the leaders Alton as L1 travel down the Alton Road to visit the second placed side.

M1 and L2, of course, have must win games against lower sides to keep their aspirations cooking whilst M3 will be looking to drag themselves out of danger against the seventh side.  L3 are also back in action after their 1-1 draw with themselves this week.

M2’s foray into the journey that is the Open League Trophy has moved them into the Quarter Finals -but only due to Southampton being unable to field a side on Sunday




W0  D0  L2

GF: 2    GA: 8

Call it the curse of the commentator but just as I was pontificating about the Juniors always outdoing the Seniors they, as they have done so often in the past, prove me wrong.

This week the U12s were in action but didn’t manage a point, in spite of some very good play by both sides.

U12g hosted the invincible leaders, Andover.  Olivia Rutherford and Felicity Scutter both scored but the side tired later on to let the leaders win 2-6.

U12b2 also had a good game -theirs at home to Camberley & Farnborough.  They weren’t able to get any goals themselves, however, and it finished 0-2.

Felicity moves up to the same number as Imogen – four – in their own intra-family tussle whilst Olivia also joins them.

The full Junior goalscorers’ table is on the ‘Season Report page.

FEHC minis tour bus

There was also a result missing from last week as it transpires the Minis U10 girls were also in action.  The (rather tardy) match report reported a 1-6 defeat away to Basingstoke but there were many plaudits given for the girl’s performance in spite of the result.  Sophie Jansen scored the goal.

This Sunday -4th February- we are hosting the Minis tournament where all the FEHC minis will be in action from before you get out of bed to, well, some time before some of the U16s have made it up.  Do drop by for a bit of hockey or to help out if you have the time.  There will also be a barbecue and not a little hockey from just after 0930.




In spite of levelling off a little this week with a GF average of 1.9, ground was still made on the leaders as competition between the top four intensifies.  With a full league package once again this week there is every opportunity to close this gap further.

As GF slips, GA has been kept below 2.0 for the fourth week running which leads to GD improving by another two to -24.

The full season’s GS chart can be found on the ‘Season Report page.




Chris saw to it that the Bennetts add another goal to keep two ahead of the Craddens who also scored.  Amy’s goal sees them move one ahead of the Kellys who are now under pressure from the Ableys as Callum inches them to thirteen.

Felicity’s goal means the Scutters move on to eight alongside the Garveys whilst Olivia adds one to the Rutherfords’ total to move them ahead of the Becketts.

I’m still tempted to put the Williams family in their, even though they are (incredibly) distant cousins, simply because there are four of them and they have, between them, scored thirteen goals.




Three more makes it 41 for the season so far, only lagging behind last year for wins.

The win percentage holds at 38%.




Lauren makes a late charge with a second clean sheet to leave her with the best GA average for the month being the only player sub 1.0.  Jacob has the second best average.

But nobody could surpass Dan’s hat-trick of clean sheets in the month.  Matt steals third ahead of Emily by 0.5 goals/game.

The month’s club average of 1.5 is a season best.

The GA average for the season remains at 2.5.

The season’s GK table is on the ‘Season Report page.



No hat-tricks this week but Lauren ensures that it isn’t an entirely empty section as she moves L2 up to seven for the season.

I also noticed that Emily has recorded a clean sheet with every ladies side this season.  Looking at the records, Lauren achieved the same last season -the first season back with three ladies’ sides.

Dan is working hard to emulate this but the one he’s missing is the trickiest one for the ‘leaky threes’.  Just to say it has never* been done before.  Three from four might even be a record.

* never in recorded history..


For the season so far, we have already beaten many of the previous years and the Defence are busily chasing down a record with only four more clean sheets needed to match last year.




No change in the order of things as the top two both won, but M4 are off the mark and only need another 35 on the trot to move ahead of M1.




Velvet moved up to third with her brace of goals whilst Khurram managed to catch Bernice’s score from last week.  But Bernice was wise to this (it’s almost like she has done it before) and nicked another goal in the final weekend to take the Golden Stick for January.

The only thing missing was for Dan to do a Toby Jackson and get a clean sheet in the weekend he scored.  But I’ll settle for three CS and a goal for January.


Khurram has sneaked ahead of Becky by two HT to one whilst Velvet moves up two places to nine goals.

The full season’s table is available on the ‘Season Report page.




No fewer than eight girls and four boys have been selected to represent Hampshire at the County (Academy Centre) level having undergone a rigorous selection process at the end of the Development Centre which took place before Christmas. This is a new record for the Club exceeding the nine County and two Regional representatives we had in 2017 and reflects the emphasis the Club continues to put on supporting all levels of Junior Hockey.

Those honoured in 2018 are:

U14 – Amy Cradden
U15 – Molly Kelly
U15 – Frida Kenning
U15 – Lucy Stretton
U16 – Jodie Bennett
U16 – Becky Geoghegan
U16 – Esha Lall
U17 – Lauren Slack

U13 – William Caine
U13 – Jack Hobkirk
U15 – Nathan Holifield
U16 – Will George


Congratulations, too, to Clive Harder and Abbie Walhen on achieving their Level 2 Coaching awards and Simon Islip on obtaining his Level 1 Umpiring qualification.




I’m not aware of anyone visiting casualty this week, which is unusual.  And we seemed to have a full set of match reports.

But we do have plenty of lost property.  Of course.

On which note I have to announce the return of the NJ award which goes to Mrs Grice for announcing the loss of a new FEHC bobble hat (I have found a new one for you, left).

In true NJ fashion, it was found in the hockey bag where her impeccable offspring had carefully stored it – clearly in order to prevent such a loss in the first place.  Honestly, parents can be so excitable sometimes.

My advice?  I would add it to the list of things that parents say repeatedly but obviously don’t mean.  Where else are you supposed to put ‘horrid kit’? 

In our house you stick your horrid kit on top of your school uniform so Mum will have no trouble finding it.  Having said that, Mum’s definition of ‘folded nicely’ seems to be a little more particular than that of her offspring.

Anyway, I expect the Junior Mums’ Bobble-hat and Blanket Club will be meeting tonight (Thursday – usual spot) to discuss naming the new matching kit and the other stresses of child management.



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