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The Weekender – w18 – 20 Jan 2018


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W3  D1  L3

GF: 21    GA: 12




We won fewer games, scored fewer goals and conceded more but I still find myself in a state of unfettered excitement.  The reason, of course, is that the Men’s first XI are back in control.  This is entirely their own doing and means that the challenge they set themselves at the beginning of the season is back on as they are now in the driving seat to win their league.

In spite of M2’s convincing victory and L2’s demolition job, it is M1 who are this week’s Team of the Week for beating the leaders, away, to put them back within two points of pole position with a game in hand over both of the first two.

Elsewhere it was Ladies Day at HQ.  Although the weather and results, a bit like the dresses at Ascot, weren’t to everyone’s liking.  Maybe it’s a matter of taste.  L2 scored enough goals for everyone to win but they weren’t in a sharing mood.  They certainly weren’t going to let their visitors have any.

M1 get top billing this week for their 3-2 away win over leaders, Havant.  To make life interesting they decided to go 0-2 down before contriving a remarkable comeback with goals by Josh Dolding, Matt Viney and Khurram Mahmood.  In spite of my excitement, as well as doing the double over the leaders, they remain third.  But the difference is that they started the day five points off the lead.  The are now two points behind with a game in hand.  This means that they are once again in control of their own destiny.  Ten more games.  This should be exciting.  Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

L2 battered Hamble 9-0 at home with no fewer than two hat-tricks and a clean sheet.  Becky Geoghegan and Bernice Gunn earned the hat-tricks whilst Emily Love, Lisa Hobkirk and Velvet Elson joined the scoring party.  Lauren Slack earned the clean sheet although such was their dominance it wasn’t clear if she even made it out of bed.  They remain third as the top two also won, but there is still only a point in it.  Their hatful of goals does now mean that they have the division’s best Goal Difference.

M2 dominated their visitors, bottom side Southampton, with a clean 4-0 win.  This was sealed by two goals from Cameron Martin and one from both Richard Meakin and Lewis Hawthorne.  Like all of this week’s winners they don’t move up the table but remain sixth.  The difference is that they are now as near to third place as they are to seventh.

M3 fought hard for a valiant away point against fifth side Southampton Otters.  Matt Pryor and his defence masterminded the all-important clean sheet.  They are still ninth, although Tadley did M3 no favours by letting City of Portsmouth win which means they need a win and a hatful of L2’s goals.

L1 hosted Hamble but in goals from Frida Kenning and Leah Coney weren’t enough as they eventually submitted 2-3.  Just to prove life is never fair, defeat means they drop two places to sixth.

M4 scored twice through Chris Bennett and Chris Heeps but were eventually undone 2-4.  They now need a win and a couple of hatfuls of L2’s goals to get back in the running.  I hope L2 have enough to go round.

L3 put in a valiant effort against the league leaders and scored through Mary Beckett.  However the game ended in a 1-3 reverse.  Keeping with this week’s trend, they remain fourth but the table seems like a broken abacus and makes little real sense.  I’m sure it will all make sense in the end.  Perhaps.



After last week’s exertions M1 have as somewhat easier task this week -even if they really can’t afford to take their foot off the pedal now.  All the teams except for M2 are at home this week -even M4 and L2 who are ‘away’ are at home.

L2 have the humdinger this week as they face off against the second placed side which means it is likely there will be more than a solitary point between the top three at the end of the weekend so best to come out with all three points to make sure.

The other men have trickier games whereas L1 need to get out of their 2-3 rut.  L3 are having a run-out against themselves in the absence of a real opposition.




W2  D0  L0

GF: 12    GA: 3

As ever, when the Seniors succeed the Juniors rise higher.  And this week was no different as it was the turn of the Under 14s.  They posted a GF average of 6.0 and a GA average of only 1.5.  U14b posted the larger result in terms of pure goals, but U14g were Young Harts of the Week with their first away win of the season.

U14g travelled to Andover where they collected their first points on the road with a 4-2 win.  Rosie Kelly scored twice and the Rutherfords shared two with Lucy and Olivia getting one each.  The three points sees them move up to 7th.

U14b were at home to ninth-placed Yateley and made the most of their seven place advantage by scoring eight -half by Jack Hobkirk, the other half by Ryan Bennett (2), Jake Beckett and Arthur Gent Eggett.  They keep up the pressure on top side Camberley & Farnborough whom they face next on 4th Feb.  The winner will be top.

Jack continues unabated whilst Ryan and Rosie both add a couple to their total.

The full Junior goalscorers’ table is on the ‘Season Report page.

The Minis were also in action as the U10 boys travelled to Basingstoke to compete in an in2hockey tournament.  As Camberley & Farnborough pulled out late on, it ended as a two twenty minute games which, for the sake of argument we will treat as one match.  Naturally they won.  Of course they also scored eight in their 8-2 victory.  Look out U12s there’s more on their way.




That makes 47 goals in two weeks, sending the season to 230, within a whisker of the top three.

GF average was bang on 3.0 this week.  Long may that last.

Goal Difference also keeps improving with another nine to add (or reduce the negative) to bring the deficit to -26.

GA average was below 2 for the second week running as well.

The full season’s GS chart can be found on the ‘Season Report page.




Mum has done it!  Lisa joins her three boys on the scoresheet to make the Hobkirks the first family to have four scorers.  They also have 27 goals between them which doesn’t do any harm either as Jack added four to his mother’s goal.

Elsewhere, Ryan (2) and Chris ensure the Bennetts overtake the Craddens in their ding-dong battle for second whilst the Kellys are keeping up thanks to Rosie’s two goals.  Matt adds another to the Viney’s tally to move them level with the Scutters, hotly pursued by the Becketts and Rutherfords who both climb the table with a pair each.




Week three of your New Year’s resolutions and you only have one to go.  OK, so it’s the hardest one on the list, but give it a chance.

I’d even settle for ‘Undefeated’ if that’s what it takes.



Another three puts us back into second place -ahead of the record 2014-15 season.

The win percentage improves yet another point to 38%.




This weeks GA average was 1.7 which, together with another three clean sheets, makes this a bonanza month for the keepers.

Dan just can’t help himself as he reaches three clean sheets for the month and both Matt and Lauren add another to their total.

Also, four of the keepers have sub-2.0 GA averages.  You wouldn’t have predicted that earlier in the season.

The GA average for the season falls another point to 2.5.

The season’s GK table is on the ‘Season Report page.



L2 burst ahead of M2 care of Becky and Bernice, put them onto three for the season.

In fact you will see that there are three BGs in the Div 5 top scorers table.  Not only that but three of the top five are our very own fine talent.

Apparently the ladies have been trying to recruit Bill Gates, Bear Grylls, Barry Gibb and Bob Geldof to the cause.  Not that they need even more goals.

Of course, when the Attack step up, the Defence counter-attack and this week was no exception as they add another three to their table -including the final team to join the CS club, M3.

The score is now 20-13 to the Defence who are only five shy of the CS record set last year.




This is very tidy.  I’m not quite sure how you contrived it but the 1s are beating the 2s who lead the 3s who are, in turn, ahead of the 4s.

The Ladies are also better than the Men at every level.  So much for equality.

As for those responsible for the above stats, here are the top scorers by team.

What does break the symmetrical mould, however, is Goal Difference where M1 are top – but being avidly pursued by L2.

L1 are having a momentary lapse of reason, but I feel sure they will turn this around whilst M2 have woken up to the challenge and are now back in the groove.




L2 swap places with L1 following their contrasting weekends, whilst M2 climb up a place with another win.




This is really hotting up to a big contest now as Bernice and Becky fly up the table with the top Gunn taking over the lead.

Richard, Velvet and Matt ensure there is little breathing space as they keep pace with each other.


Josh has elected to take the painstaking route to catching Ellen by doing it one goal at a time.  We may be here a while.

Becky moves up two places to fifth with her hat-trick whereas Bernice climbs six places with hers.  Leah holds the title for the most goals without a hat-trick.


The full season’s table is available on the ‘Season Report page.




Clubmark is Sport England’s national accreditation scheme for high quality community sports clubs and stands for higher standards of welfare, equity, coaching and management.

Fleet & Ewshot are only the second club in Hampshire to have attained the England Hockey recognised ‘ClubMark’ accreditation which establishes FEHC as being at the forefront of Hampshire, as well as national, hockey clubs.

The Chairman, Su Smith, said “The current Committee and I would like to express our recognition and thanks to all those who have contributed towards achieving this goal, but not least to James Edwards whose endeavours over the past few years as Chairman have made this all possible.”




It’s match reports this week.  I’ve never had so much ammunition.

Firstly there were lots of apologies for not being professionally qualified to write match reports.  Fortunately I have a Doctorate in the subject (clearly) and so can be classed as an expert…  The first thing you need to know is that you can make most of it up.  As any regular readers will no doubt testify.  The second rule is that where you can’t make it up you should omit all possible fact from the report.  I have read some reports that make it really quite hard to know which of the many teams we were reading about.

Which brings me nicely on to M1 who appear to have been to Haven’t -or have they?  Not for the first time do the south coast side fall foul of spell-check.

My favourite report this week, though, was for L1 who awarded Frida the Doughnut of the Day (yes that is what it stands for) for forgetting she was voted Doughnut the previous week and should have written the match report (we did wonder whose dog had eaten it).  That’s a perfect way to open things.

There was some talk of the weather this week, but not much.  Mostly you read it when the top side loses points to the bottom side and it clearly can’t be the fault of the players.  There was also little reference to Goalkeepers which given the number of clean sheets is a little unusual.  Far be it for me to give credit to our foam-fitted friends.

M4, L3 and L2 all thanked the support.  Given the weather this was particularly appropriate.  Support has been increasing and, I’m glad to hear, becoming more vocal.  Not least Jack cheering for his mum joining the family on the scorers chart.

But the most regular feature this week must be A&E.  M3 sent our honourable secretary, JT, there to have 5 stitches in his face (it hasn’t worked apparently -he’s still talking), L3 despatched Allison Abley with a broken nose and ego whilst M1’s match author Alex Millard broke his finger.

The match report award of the week, however, goes to Allison who didn’t even write a match report.  She does, however, win it for her ‘contribution to journalism’ with her disdainful admonishment of the requests for a photograph of her battered face.  Not being a member of a travelling circus it seems that she doesn’t wish to parade her injury in public.  Although if you do see her, can I suggest that “Oh my God what happened to your face” is possibly one of the the less tactful approaches available.



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