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The Weekender – w13 – 2 Dec 2017


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W2  D2  L3

GF: 19    GA: 21




The saying goes “What goes up must come down”.  And so, it seems, must the FEHC goal difference.  No sooner did we have an eleven goal deficit to account for, we then had an eleven goal superiority on our books.  So, you see, even Elevenses can be part of a balanced diet.  Some might argue that elevenses is an essential part of a balanced diet.  I would suspect, however, that this is to offset all the healthy things you might find at other meals.

But body temples aside, this was a curious weekend in many ways as the seven elevens in action managed to spread their goals evenly on average, but entirely unevenly in individual games.

L1 might consider that they have something of a claim for the title of Team of the Week based purely on giving their opponents the most royal of royal hidings.  In reality.. OK I am teasing here.  It is hard to beat an 11-0 whipping.  It certainly beats being on the receiving end.

Team of the Week, L1, travelled to Andover but didn’t let the journey upset them as they polished off their hosts without so much as a backward glance.  In addition to the clean sheet kept by Emily Wall, Ellen Knighton and Ellie Williams both added hat-tricks.  But this, seemingly, was not sufficient so Leah Coney and Molly Kelly both added a brace with Ruth Sealing making it eleven.  And so the merciless but magnificent maleficents move back up to third place.

L2 also won with a clean sheet at home to Chichester, care of Lauren Slack.  At the other end, Lucy Preskett and Velvet Elson were both on target.  Whilst marginally less prolific in attack, they did manage the same number of points as L1 and also climbed the same number of places to the same position: third.

M1 struggled a little this week.  I think we have all got very used to them winning as, I expect, have they.  All of which means that even an away to Romsey draw seems like a faltering disappointment.  Such is the price of success.  But they did manage two goals, from Matt Viney and Alex Millard, to take home a valuable point.  They slip to third on GD but are just one win behind the leaders, and still with their game in hand.

L3 also secured a hard-earned point -theirs at home to Haslemere to whom they had lost a friendly 1-4 in October.  This time Leigh Beale was on target in a 1-1 draw.  The point sees them move up a place to fifth.

M3 fought back against a sprightly Southampton University side at home but the charge was a little late to secure any points as the succumbed 2-3.  Callum Abley was the man on target with both goals.  They remain eighth.

M2 travelled to Basingstoke and were unable to overcome the difference in league position as they fell 1-4 to the second placed side.  Kyle McFadzean provided the goal.  They slip back a place to seventh.

M4 had the toughest game of the weekend away to the leaders, Alton.  Whilst they didn’t have false aspirations they hadn’t bargained on conceding quite so many as well as not getting off the mark themselves.  But they will dust themselves off and move on, stalwarts that they are.

It’s thirds week this week.

All the teams in action are third, except for L3 who are the Thirds.

L1 have the toughest tie against the leaders, but at least are at home.  L2 have, on paper, the easiest game but are away.  Whilst L3 have a mid-table tussle with only a point and a place in it.

M1, meanwhile, have a game they need to win for a number of reasons.  Firstly the RocketMen need a booster to get their season back on track.  OK, rockets don’t have tracks but you get my drift.  Secondly they don’t want to fall back to within two points of fourth place (their opponents on Saturday) or else they may end up looking over their shoulder.  Thirdly, and most importantly, they have title ambitions and this might fall away from them should they not take all three points.  They still have a game in hand and as it stands that could still get them back into the lead by Christmas.  But they must win this week’s game first.  Two home wins?  Bring it on.




W1  D0  L5

GF: 7    GA: 37

The curse of the elevenses hit the Junior section hard this week.  Not only did they only achieve one win in six games but they also were hit for eleven a couple of times and only conceded fewer than four in one game.

U12b1 bucked this particular trend to earn the title of Team of the Week as they saw off their title rivals, a strong Trojans side, 4-1 at home.  Arthur Gent-Eggett scored twice with Charley Ivey and Jack Hobkirk getting one each.  This sees them clear at the top of Division 1 with only games against fifth and lower sides between them and the title.  They also account for almost all of the positive goal difference in the league.

U12b2 had a tougher time of it as they faced an undefeated Chichester side who demonstrated an irritating ability to get the ball into the net.  They have another game before Christmas which should be altogether less of an uphill task.

U12g hosted Aldershot & Farnham in a friendly for less experienced players.  Whilst not impacting the league table it is always exciting to play in a derby game, although this time it finished 1-5.  Erin Bicheno got the goal.

And so to the cup games.  There were three this week, all of which were against teams playing in higher divisions.

Of these U16g put in a valiant performance ‘away’ to Aldershot & Farnham but eventually finished 1-4 down.  Frida Kenning scored the goal.

U14b hosted Bournemouth at Farnborough Sixth Form College and, whilst Jake Beckett did score, ended 1-8 behind at the whistle.

U14g were unluckiest in that they travelled the furthest and faced possibly the hardest opponents, Fareham.  They were unfortunate enough to join the elevenses club.

Jack Sparrow continues to steal treasure from his opponents to keep his position at the top of the table, whilst Arthur moves onto nine goals, equal with Amy and Alex.




There has been a remarkably steady flow of goals over the past six weeks.  None of previous years’ boom and bust but simply a solid foundation to build performance on.

OK, the purists might demand more attention to the figures at the other end of the pitch, but let’s not be too hasty.  Of course when I say ‘not too hasty’, I don’t mean that now would be a bad time to stop conceding quite so many.  I think that if you could all bear in mind that conceding fewer at your end than you manage to put in at the other would leave us all in a generally more positive frame of mind.  And this week’s free in my diary if you fancy starting now..?

Goal Difference has been less negative than the previous week for the past three weeks.  The fact that it still isn’t positive is possibly a reflection on week 10’s defensive record, but I would take all the positives I can at the moment.

At the ‘good’ end, though, the rolling five-week GS average is at a sixty-one week high -that is over two seasons worth of hockey.  This is what is known as a ‘good thing’.

The ladies, unlike the men, prefer to account publicly for their goal-scorers.  This is particularly handy if you happen to have three of the top scorers in two of the ladies’ divisions.


In fact Ellen is second top scorer in Hampshire.  Although it would be nice to move up just that one place, wouldn’t it..?

The full season’s GS chart can be found on the ‘Season Report page.




The Ones have been battling it out all season for top dog status on the scoring front.  L1 have this week cemented the positions in their favour this week with their elevenses.

Somewhat curiously the scoring seems to have fallen in league order.  Given all sides play in a league to suit their ability this is rather unfathomable, but it does have something of a symmetry about it (perhaps less elegant if you are looking up from the bottom of the table).

On which front, the team scorers are shown below.  Nine players have scored for more than one team, most notably Josh, Molly and Callum who appear on the top scorers list more than once.  But Ollie Jones is the current record holder having scored for the Men’s 1, 2 & 3.  He should have a word with Martyn about turning out for the 4s.  It might be to their mutual advantage.




Something about normal service here as the Hobkirks are the first into the twenties.

Have the Bennetts, Craddens and others given up the chase?  I doubt it.  But they should probably get their skates on.

Mind you, the Hobkirks are lucky that the Walls aren’t competing in this table as the number of goals the family have prevented this season would no doubt put you all to shame.



A bit of a blip this week with only two wins.  A mite greedy, you may think, but then we need three more wins next week to equal the top years.  It’s just a shame we only have four games in which to do it.




Having won the title in November, Lauren is already top for December.  She does, however, share it with the season’s leader, Emily.

It was ladies day, too, this week so far as defending is concerned – Played: three, Goals Against: one.  Compare that to the men’s GA average of 5.0.

Emily has now moved clear of the rest with her fourth clean sheet.  Lauren’s second takes her up two places to fourth.

The season’s GK table is on the ‘Season Report page.




We have now had three weeks in which we have had both HT and CS.

Not only that, but we were treated to two of each this week.

The Elles, Ellen and Ellie conspired together to take L1 from behind M1 to the lead in one bound.

For the Defence, Lauren pushes L2 further clear at the top of the leaderboard whilst Emily gets L1 off the mark for the season.




M1’s draw sees them slip back to 73% while L1 climb ever closer on 50%. 

L2 swap places with L3 on their contrasting weekend results.




November is finally over and so we have a new leader at the top of the chart for December and.. no, wait… check that.  Ellen is top.  Again.  But she is only ahead of Ellie on season’s performance, and there are others only a goal behind so it may all change soon.


Leah is beginning to catch Ellen.  She was on fewer than 50% of the leader’s goal tally but has now reached half her total.  OK, she has slipped back in real terms, but hey.  If you can’t beat them on the pitch, baffle them with misleading statistics.

Elsewhere on the table, Ellie moves up four places to eighth with Callum also making it to six goals.

The full season’s table is available on the ‘Season Report page.



It is always tempting to rant about those selfishly laying their bodies on the line in the name of victory (or rather defeat as seems to be the case recently).  Or about those leaving their tops/children/heads by the side of the pitch.  Or to pick on the soft targets -ie. match report authors (though some of these are just too easy).

But this week I find myself admiring those turning out against the odds.

Two events have precipitated these thoughts.  The first is the valiant efforts of the Juniors in their cup games.  On paper they weren’t going to win.  In practice they lived up to this expectation.  But they weren’t going to not bother putting out a side (as can happen) simply because the task looks to hard.  They fought and even scored a couple of times.  Reports are positive about their performances and, as I have already said, it is games such as these that lay the foundations for success for future generations of Unders, as well as those of the Overs.  Sometimes it is the players that are learning.  Sometimes the managers.  Sometimes the coaches.  But what matters is that the club is growing – not in size (although that comes on the back of it) but in stature.  And there are many on the sidelines revelling in these performances.

The other event was the M4 result which gave rise to thoughts of young Jacob who is given the most thankless of tasks of digging the ball out of his goal simply because his defence was overrun, or the opposition were just too fast/strong – which is sometimes inevitable following the league restructuring.  But he valiantly turns out each week -even helping the ladies in a friendly on one occasion.  Such perseverance and dedication in the face of all possible adversity must be hugely admired.  I think everyone should turn out for the 4s at least once just for the experience of it.  There are many stars of the future (and past..) who have been selected for the side and playing alongside them should be seen for the privilege that it is.



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