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The Weekender – w11 – 18 Nov 2017


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W4  D1  L3

GF: 18    GA: 23


One day like this


A rather inconsistent week this week filled with news both rather good and rather bad.

Double trouble hit M1 as they not only fired a blank and logged their first defeat of the season but also lost Stu Hobkirk with a dislocated elbow.

At the other end of the spectrum L1 were undisputable team of the week with their two convincing wins – in both league and cup.

There was good and bad news on the goals and overall wins front too as, although the Rocket Men were brought down to earth with a bump, we improved our win percentage from last week.  Our goals were up too, but at the expense of GD which suffered another blow.

All in all, however, there is still much to cheer about as the weather deteriorates, the days shorten, Christmas shopping needs to be done and my mother-in-law plans to visit for Christmas.  Thank goodness I’m an optimist.

L1 travelled to pointless Gosport.  Not that Gosport itself is pointless, but the hockey side is and L1 saw that it stayed that way with a convincing 5-1 win.  Ellen Knighton scored four of the goals with Jodie Bennett also getting in on the action.  They move up a place to fourth as a result, keeping pace with second place which is only two points away.

M2 convincingly beat Hamble at home.  A brace from Josh Dolding added to by Alex Millard and Simon Islip saw them 4-0 victors.  The clean sheet was taken by Nick Franklin.  The win sees them move closer to some above them but remain sixth.

L2 inflicted the first win of the season over the league leaders, Winchester.  Becky Geoghegan’s double together with a clean sheet from Lauren Slack gave them a brilliant 2-0 home win.  They are now only a win away from top spot in fourth place.

M3 have come on since the start of the season to the point they were disappointed with a 1-1 draw away to Woking Old Peculiars who are four places above them.  Paul Povey scored the goal.  They remain ninth but such points accumulation may yet prove significant.

M1 were short of players and long of journey to reach Swanage & Wareham where they were decisively beaten 0-3.  The player shortage was added to by Khurram straining a muscle early on, but Stu – not to be outdone – did the double of being hit in the face by the ball followed by his dislocation which saw him ferried off to hospital.  Not what you might call a good day at the office.  They slip to third but retain that game in hand.

L3, like L2, were fifth at the start of the day and faced the league leaders.  The similarities, unfortunately, end there as they succumbed 1-9 to their hosts, Winchester.  They did at least score, through Latisha Convery, but have now slipped to seventh.

M4 were defeated by the same margin but, alas, without scoring as they lost 0-8 at home to Petersfield.  They remain ninth, but are still, quite remarkably, only a win behind fourth place.

L1 were on the road and won 5-1 with an Ellen Knighton hat-trick.  No, we haven’t started again – they simply did it twice in one weekend.  Their Sunday victims were Haslemere (also in Div 2) in the Hampshire Trophy.  Now the ladies have developed something of an affinity with this trophy following a very successful run last season.  This season has started no worse as Becky Geoghegan and Leah Coney added to Ellen’s tally to take them through to face Winchester 2 (1st in Div 3) in round 2.

Without any wait, M1 immediately have the chance to leapfrog the new leaders of Div 4 as they face them at home next.

M3 and L3 both host the second placed sides whilst the others all have mid-table tussles except for M4 who fill a gap in their schedule with a visit by Div 9 South’s second placed side, Lavant in a friendly.

My only comment this week is: Be careful out there…




W1  D0  L2

GF: 9    GA: 5

Three games this week – all at home and all for the Under 12s.

U12b1 had the best of it with a 7-0 beating of Salisbury.  This Young Harts of the Week performance came with two hat-tricks by both Charley Ivey and Jack Hobkirk with Arthur Gent Eggett finishing the list.  Jed McEvoy earned the clean sheet.  They remain top but can’t seem to shake off Trojans who lie alongside them.  All may change on 3rd December when the two face each other.

U12b2 scored twice through Tom Scarborough and Heath Saville-Nugent but it finished 2-4 in Basingstoke’s favour.  They remain ninth.

U12g also hosted Basingstoke but were also unable to take home advantage as they narrowly lost 0-1 to an unlucky deflection.  They remain third but risk losing this status as other sides play before their next game.

Jack had fewer hat-tricks than Amy last week, but seems to have got over this problem now, in somewhat inimitable style.

Arthur moves up to third whilst Charley’s hat-trick sees him shoot up the table.

Also in action – albeit from last week, but sometimes it takes a while to catch up with events – were the Minis.

This was a reduced outing for the Minis due to pitch constraints at Alton but all four sides appearing scored and all won too.  Pick of the bunch were U10b who didn’t lose all day and bagged nine goals into the bargain.  This without many U10s who were playing their part in a very full U12 fixture list too.




This week’s goal average was up to 2.3 which, with eight games, adds a healthy 18 to the total.

It also sees us move back up to 3rd= although the ’15 and ’17 seasons are just under 20 goals ahead.  Still, we’re on another cup run so things are fruity.  Or should that be peachy?  Or even rosy?  Or do you really care either way?

Goal Difference wasn’t as negative as last week, if that could be construed as good news.  Well it’s not worse news, anyway.  I still reserve the right to omit the GD chart for the time being.

Instead I should publish the rolling five-week GS average which shows we are on the right tack, at least, if not blazing the trail just yet.

The full season’s GS chart can be found on the ‘Season Report page.




Hobkirk School tartan – one for the family too?

This section seems to have ignited something of a spark, notably in the Hobkirk household where, whilst one member was being shipped to hospital, another was shipping goals by the hatful as Jack ensured the family weren’t to be troubled at the top.

The Bennetts weren’t quiet either as Jodie kept their counter ticking whilst the Poveys put their name on the list as Paul’s goal added to that of Chris saw them enter the fray.




Just when you thought things were coming apart (is it just me that keeps thinking of Stu’s most recent photo?) when suddenly we are back in top spot once again.  But these are not laurels to be rested upon – just look at the near vertical chart of ’17.  That will take some keeping pace with.

Still, let’s not deny ourselves the pleasure of being top of the pack for the season and with a win% of 50% in week 11 courtesy of the Ladies first and second teams as well as the Mens 2s.  The target looked quite unachievable last week but somehow we managed to pull one out of the bag.  Right, you know what that means: cup runs all round.  Hurrah!




And there she is.  Lauren has been a little quiet this season but she now tops the table for November with a CS and enviable 1.0 average.

Nick, too, moves up to second with his clean sheet.

The season’s table has taken its first cull as keepers need to have played two games so far to qualify.

But Graham, Robert and Norman ‘no keeper’ may reappear if they turn up on pitch again.

The season’s GK table is on the ‘Season Report page.




Lots.  Bundles.  Beaucoup.  Fill-yer-boots.

Not only did the Young Harts record two hat-tricks and a clean sheet this week, but the seniors even got in on the action.

Ellen loves them so much she bought two.

Lauren, whom we feared had forgotten what they smelt like, added her first of the season and Nick, too, now has had a taste for it.

Sadly some fool has broken the charts so you can’t see how colourful this now looks.

But the elves are on it.  Or so I am told.




And so it has happened.  From a near 90% rate the Rocket Men are now below 80%.  But then how many other sides would give their arm (sorry, Stu… again) for a 78% win rate.

L1 are, at least, consolidating second place with their perfect pair this weekend and M2 are now giving the old men a run for their money.




All sewn up?

You can imagine the conversation, can’t you?

“So, Ed, how do I get to be top of the month’s table?”

“Well you could score a couple of hat-tricks.  That should do it.”

“Oh, OK then.”

Just to say, it was all me.

Becky is going about it the hard way.  Hard, that is, in terms of not scoring hat-tricks but it does seem to be remarkably effective.

It’s the last week of the month next week.  Who do you fancy to score a double hat-trick to top this particularly competitive month?


Girl, you really got it goin’
You got it so we don’t know what we’re doin’ now
Yeah, you really got it now
You got it so we can’t sleep at night…     

(I’d apologise, but I’m beginning to think you don’t believe it any more)

Well that’s what I call cooking.

Josh you can just sit and stew with your ‘near dozen’ goals.  As for Coney/Meakin/Jones – well your goose is pretty much cooked.

You might as well quit now.

No?  OK.  Maybe this just could turn out interesting.  And there was I about to pack up and go home…

The full season’s table is available on the ‘Season Report page.



Hmm -there’s always one that gets through..

More match reports this week as Alex’s report of a marzipan filled ‘stollen’ bread appearing at a short corner added to by his ‘trickle’ of, presumably, honey and the similarly ‘viscous’ opposition (OK, I might have made that last one up).

At least it made for more lighthearted reading than the x-ray photograph of Stu’s dislocated elbow.

But this week’s NJ award must go to Stu for services beyond the call of duty.  Or rather services that were specifically deemed beyond his duty that day which was actually to stay on the pitch and take a few more shots to the face.

Right, Stu, you’ve got just one job: get back on the pitch.  Now don’t go messing this one up.




Match Reports

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