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The Weekender – w04 – 30 Sep 2017


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W3  D0  L2

GF: 15    GA: 13


Walking on air


Goal difference.  This week was all about goal difference.

Firstly it was positive for the first time this season.  But more importantly it was all league matches which makes it all the more relevant.

So when it matters it works:  League GD: +3;  Cup GD: -15;  Friendly GD: -29;  Intramural GD: 0 (think about it..).  Not that cups don’t matter, or course, and ignoring the fact that friendlies aren’t necessarily unimportant..


Three wins from five is a great start to the season – or four from six if you include first-out-of-the-blocks, L1 who already have six points from six before the other ladies have even left the changing room.

This all makes the Team of the Week selection harder.  The committee having been sitting for days (note to self: must get up and move more) and have come to a decision.  First to consider is L1 who have won their second league match already.  Then there is M2 who also started off their season with a convincing win.  But M1, whilst they may have had an easier opponent this week, did manage the first clean sheet of the season, away from home and bagged no fewer than seven goals in the process.  So M1 are the Team of the Week, for the third time this season.  Other nominations are also possible.  Don’t be shy..

M1 travelled to Portsmouth & Southsea – a side that fell out of the bottom of Division 3 last year.  The work put in to the pre-season series finally paid off as they demolished P&S 7-0 in their first league game.  They shared the goals too, with no fewer than five on the scoresheet.  Josh Dolding and Steve Riley had a brace each with Ollie Jones, Matt Viney and Khurram Mahmood making it seven.  The only down side is that such profligacy in front of goal means they are only second in the division as Romsey beat Blandford by eight goals.  Still, it’s nice to have something to aim for.

M2 hosted Romsey 3 and, in spite of going one down shortly after half time, they came back to win 4-1.  History may never relate how they did it, but a proud skipper did manage to divulge the goalscorers – which was more than the match reporter could..  Ollie Bradgate, Will George, Phil Hutson and Richard Meakin each found the goal.  I won’t name the player alleged to have ‘stolen’ the captain’s goal, but apparently he has two first names..  The win puts them third in the early table.

L1 also bagged four goals – theirs at home to Aldershot & Farnham, two by Ellen Knighton and one each for Ellie Williams and Leah Coney.  They achieved a 4-3 win by going ahead no fewer than four times with A&F pegging them back each of the first three.  But the ladies kept their heads for their second win from two league games.  They move up to third in the table.

M3 were not able to find the net at City of Portsmouth.  That is to say they were not able to find their own net as erstwhile skipper, JT, deftly deflected a shot into an empty goal to give the opener.  Finding only the post and the keeper at the right end, they conceded one more to go 0-2 down at the death.

M4 are now playing in Division 9 North following a regionalisation of Divisions 9 & 10 from last season.  This means they will not have to travel far to away games, but the flip side is that they will be playing former Div 9 teams as they did this weekend.  Their home game against Camberley & Farnborough finished 0-7 in favour of the visitors.  It also resulted in the team’s second rib injury against the same opposition this season.

L2 and L3 still haven’t started their season proper and so played an intra-mural friendly instead.  Their league season finally gets underway next week -see below.

In a departure from tradition (don’t you just hate that), the following shows next week’s fixtures showing the league positions of FEHC and their opponents. 

Whilst league positions after one game are of limited use, it still gives a good target to aim for.  L2 & 3 positions are from the end of last season.




W3  D1  L1

GF: 22    GA: 13

Three convincing wins, a score draw and only one defeat puts the Young Harts above the Seniors again this week.  Add to that a GD of +9 and both a hat-trick (5 goals, no less) and a clean sheet and you’re talking about a very successful weekend.

The only difficulty is in selecting Young Harts of the Week is that the three wins were, on their own, all deserving.  U12b put scored five, as did U12g who also included a clean sheet in their effort.  But the Young Harts of the Week have to be U16g who scored no fewer than nine goals -and away from home too.

U16g travelled to Andover and came away nine goals and three points richer in their 9-1 demolition job.  Frida Kenning was the attacking heroine as she nailed five goals whilst Amy Cradden and Jodie Bennett also bagged two each.  This makes up for last weeks upset and should restore any self-belief previously lacking.  It also restores their GD to zero in the league table (the club table being less kind), and sees them in second place with their future in their own hands.

U12g defeated Alton 2 5-0 at home.  Tallulah made some spectacular saves to keep her second clean sheet for the season.  Emma Garvey scored twice with the other three goals coming from Felicity Scutter, Iola Wright and Olivia Rutherford.  They are second in their table and wishing GD counted (for now at least).

U12b1 hosted Havant and also bagged five – two each for Alex Thompson and Arthur Gent Eggett (whose name I think I now have right) and one for Jack Hobkirk.  They are now top of Division 1.  Personally I think they should be their on goal difference but Hampshire, in their innate wisdom (the same wisdom that includes Weymouth, Cornwall, in the Hampshire league) put them top on alphabetical order.  Still they are unarguably top, and that is all that matters.

U16b secured their first point of the season at home to Andover with whom they drew 3-3.  Callum Abley scored twice with Nathan Holifield also finding the net.  They are sixth out of nine (the table having changed after the above was prepared) but are only a win off top spot so there is still plenty to aim for.

U12b2 fared less well in their first ever game, but there were positive reports on the performance, if not the 0-8 result.  This is more than can be said for the match report which I believe was tied to the wrong pigeon.




This is more like it.  It’s not 22, to be fair to the younger generation, but I’d happily settle for 15 a week by the end of the season.

The season has moved up two places from bottom to fifth and is now only one goal behind last season.  The shape of the curve, too, is much more promising.

The full season’s GS chart will appear on the ‘Season Report page when I have got round to setting it up.




60% is a better Win percentage.  This brings the season to 30% overall and only two wins behind the top.




Finally a clean sheet and it goes to Dan “Another Brick in the” Wall.  And it is well earned as he has September’s best GA average too.

For those less happy with their stats, the good news is that next week is in October so you can all start afresh!

The season’s GK table will appear on the ‘Season Report page in due course.




The Defence have finally got one back on the Attack as they level things to 1-1.  A far cry from previous years, but there’s plenty of games to come yet.

I’d still like a bit more colour to the charts, however, so no resting on laurels just yet.




No change in the grand order of things this week but substantial changes to the stats as the three winning sides push up the Win % scale.

L1 move up to three wins from four which is an astounding figure, not harmed by their 100% league record this season.




Josh bagged a brace to add to last week’s HT which is just enough to take the September title on the last day.  But this month isn’t about him but about the ever-smiling OJ who has played four games in four weeks for three different teams and scored in every single one.

Elsewhere, Ellen’s brace sees her top of the ladies’ chart with Leah then Ellie not far behind.  Richard Meakin and Steve Riley also move up the list.


The full season’s table isn’t available on the ‘Season Report page.  But it will be.



Well I’ll be impressed if you can identify all of the characters in this report without Google.  And, no, you can’t just give their surname -that wouldn’t really count would it?  Add your score out of nineteen in the FB group if you dare..

But there is a nomination for the NJ award this week and that goes, collectively, to M4 – or to be more precise, the M4 side that face Camberley & Farnborough. 

Akin to the Ladies propensity to injure each other last season, this year’s comedy of errors seems to surround the M4 side who injure multiple players but notably when they play C&F.  Nathan Butler took a ball to the knee but it was Kevin Hawthorne who decided it was his turn to fracture ribs.  Whilst not quite on the scale of the inimitable Ian FitzGerald, it was still enough to put him out for at least a month.


I do like to look for trends, such as NJ folly or Ladies injuring their own players, as they seem to have a degree of seasonality.  But I would just like to say that such shenanigans will no longer be tolerated so if you wouldn’t mind not injuring yourself for the rest of the season the club would be more than grateful.

This is a public service announcement on behalf of the Selection Committee.


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