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The Weekender – w24 – 18 Mar 2017


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W4  D1  L1

GF: 23    GA: 13


Festival Edition


This was a special day for many reasons.  First it was the Fleet & Ewshot Club Festival where everyone played at home which gave us all a chance to catch up as well as see each other in action. Second it was JT’s birthday, which meant cake, thanks to Su.  Third we scored a smashing 13 points out of a possible 18.  Fourth all three title contenders are still in contention for the big prize.

There were down-sides too, however.  Notably that we lost a league game to Aldershot and Farnham for the first (and only) time this season.  Another down-side is that the Fox is looking even more smug than usual.  More on both of these later.

But what of team of the week?  M1 demolished the fifth-place side in disparaging fashion, L1 cast aside a team five places above them whilst L2 beat the leaders to keep their hopes very much alive.  Well controversially (nor not – you decide) the Team of the Week was shared four ways this week. All three of the hugely important and impressive results just mentioned would have cleaned up the award in most other weeks, but this week the award goes to M1, L1, L2, and the FEHC supporters who stayed on in force, made a racket and helped to encourage the performance of all the sides.

We have a slightly different format this week as it was a very exciting day and a very exciting set of results.  I also have 720 photographs so thought I would share a couple with you.  So, in order of excitement (/interesting prospects):


M1 (2nd) 12-2 Swanage & Wareham (5th)

M1 had to win to have any realistic hope of the title.  They didn’t, however, expect it to be as easy as this.  The Fox took it upon himself to score no fewer than seven goals whilst Elliot Smith added two and John McFadzean, Dan Dolding and Matt Viney one each.  The visitors salvaged what they could of their pride with two break-away goals but the result was emphatic.


With first-placed Hamble and third side Haslemere also both winning, it all comes down to the final two games as to who is champion and who is promoted.  All permutations are still possible for the top three and M1 play both of them in the last two games.


L2 (4th) 2-1 Basingstoke (1st)

L2 faced the hardest task of the day which was to keep all realistic hopes of a top two finish alive by not losing to the leaders.  In the event they surpassed themselves with a 2-1 win that sees the top four separated by a single point with only two matches remaining.  Becky Geoghegan and Frida Kenning were on target.

The bookies, on paper at least, favour University of Portsmouth as they face two of the bottom three sides.  It will, however, mean they must not leave for their summer holidays before the season is over, so nothing can be taken for granted.  Of the other three, L2 have marginally the easier run-in.  But they will have to do better than Basingstoke, who have a far superior GD to all the others.  It looks like two wins is the minimum requirement for L2.


L1 (7th) 4-1 City of Portsmouth (2nd)

L1 could be forgiven for taking their eye off the ball in the league since their ambitions for the season are clearly focused on the trophy Semi-Final after the end of the league season.  But they were not to be overawed and a brace apiece from both Leah Coney and Lucy Dale-Heaps all but ended their second placed visitors’ title hopes.

They can’t win the league, nor can they be relegated, but there is still form to play for before their semi-final on 8th April.


M4 (9th) 0-5 Aldershot & Farnham (8th)

M4 passed up the chance of a) moving up two places in the league and b) completing a 100% league record for the club against Aldershot & Farnham.  In fact FEHC lost all their friendlies against A&F then proceeded to win all their full league ties against them.  In the end it finished W5 – L5  GF 34 GA 23, and 3-1 in league games so whilst this was the only defeat of the day, it was also the only full league defeat of the season to A&F.

M4 now have one game remaining but they will have to wait until 8th April to find out who gets the wooden spoon when they host bottom side Poole.


M3 (6th) 2-1 Andover (10th)

M3 had already avoided relegation, but it was the skipper’s birthday as well as his last game in charge of the team. There was also pride to play for against the bottom side.  To be honest, I thought M3 might bag had a hatful (or should one bag a bagful?), but they weren’t in fully obliging mood.  As it turned out, Andover 2 had to cancel their game so we were lucky anyone turned up at all.  Ben Wright and James Dale both scored to secure the full three points and make JT happy.  Which was what it was all about after all.  Apparently.

Their season is now over and whatever happens in the remaining games they will finish where they are, sixth.


M2 (4th) 3-3 Havant (1st)

M2 faced the league leaders who had won 13 of their 16 games to date.  But M2 failed to stick to the script and made Havant (or Haven’t as they are sometimes known in match reports) struggle to take control and M2 equalised late on to give them an unexpected final point of the season.  Tom Child scored twice with Robert Collins also on target.

Their season has now finished and only a win by seventh side Fareham can prevent them from keeping sixth place.

L3 (intra-mural)

Undeterred by the failure of US Portsmouth to turn up, L3 decided to play each other, and anyone else who cared to join in.  Not least of which was the L1 skipper who took a shine to a set of GK kit (and a bit of moon-walking at half time).

All had a good time and I hope they all enjoyed the rest of the day too.





Following the Festival there was a busy Sunday for the Juniors who played four league fixtures and an In2Hockey tournament.

U16 boys continued their 100% record with a 3-0 win at Basingstoke.  Callum Abley, Nathan Holifield and Ollie Bradgate all scored whilst Jacob Whiting claimed his fourth clean sheet.

U16 girls also played Basingstoke, this time at home.  Unfortunately they were unable to copy the boys’ success as they fell to a 0-2 defeat.

U12 girls were in action away to Haslemere where they ran out 6-2 victors.  Eleanor Hensby and Rosie Kelly both scored twice while Maddie Saunders and Zara Turner were also on target.

The victorious U12g squad

U12 boys had a tougher time of it as they lost 0-6 at home to a strong Bournemouth side.

Both boys and girls were represented in the In2Hockey tournament where the boys won, drew and lost one each whilst the girls won one and lost two.  None were runaway games in what was a very competitive tournament.




We have now reached a record 358 goals and are set to reach in the order of 376, based on the season’s form.

The full season’s GS chart appears on the ‘Season Report page.


In support of this, I set you a target of 58 wins, but you are a belligerent lot and have decide to skip this and already have 63 with at least 11 games to go.

It was also a week for the Attack as the one thing missing from the day was a clean sheet but the Fox’s double hat-trick has trimmed the Defence’s lead to one goal and it stands 24-23.


I don’t think I need to tell you who is top of both the monthly and season’s goal-scoring charts but in case he is feeling unloved he can see his name on the full season’s table which is available on the ‘Season Report page.




It is far from over.  If you don’t have a game left yourself, bring your Mum (other relations, partners, loved ones, or simply mates, are also available) to watch some of the final clinching fixtures.

A trip to the yachting village of Hamble-le-Rice would be a lovely place for lunch, bracketed by the two most important games of the day as L2 visit in the morning followed by M1 in the afternoon with both hunting their league title.

If you can’t get away, then L1 host Frenemies Fareham – having just knocked them out of the cup at theirs, they will be out for revenge.

Keep your eyes peeled and I would welcome any photographs – please send to:

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