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The Weekender – w19 – 11 Feb 2017


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W3  D1  L1

GF: 9    GA: 8


Rocket Man


Aldershot ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids
In fact, it’s cold as Hell
And there’s no one there to raise them if you did
And all this hockey I don’t understand
It’s just my job three days a week
A rocket man

(with apologies -this time to Elton John)

Well that was a goal to watch.  And what a way to break the stalemate.  With M1 exploring the number of ways not to score on Saturday, it can’t be said that their first goal came out of the blue – metaphorically speaking.  But with a Fox on the launch pad and Elliot on the landing stage the ball did come very much out of the blue and with snow on it, both literally.

This was beyond sublime and something I have only seen once before and that was on the international stage.  It was a thing of beauty.  If it sounds a little exaggerated then I can only suggest you weren’t there to witness it.  But I was.  And with a camera too, for those who missed it.

Let us begin where the two-touch move began: the launch pad.  This was inside the opponents’ half, but only just, as deFoxio lifted an aerial from the middle of the field to just beyond the P-spot.

There was a defender in the D, but he marginally mis-judged his position and, despite a frantic flap at the ball, was unable to prevent it’s passage past the P-spot.

Elliot ‘Rocket’ Smith, however, was on hand to mop up the move as he stole in from the right to volley the ball past the advancing keeper and into the goal.  Cue a roar from the frozen crowd.

In spite of the class of this particular goal, there were fewer than half the number of goals this week than last.  But we still (despite M2’s efforts to the contrary) kept a positive goal difference.

Well I think we have already sorted out goal of the week – if not goal of the season – but what about Team of the Week?

M1 won, and kept a rare clean sheet to boot, but this was against a more lowly opposition.  M4 also kept a clean sheet but were sadly unable to score.  L2 continued their run of form and even gained a position over their opponents of the day.  But the Team of the Week was L1 who turned around the disappointments of the last two weeks with a stirring victory over a team only a point behind them in the table.

M1 hosted Romsey and kept up the pace with their promotion rivals with their fourth win in a row.  The 2-0 victory included that goal by Elliot Smith and the other from Khurram Mahmood.  They also recorded a clean sheet, through Toby Jackson.  The postition of the top three remains unchanged with their respective wins.  It is quickly becoming a case of who will blink first.  I can’t believe there won’t be any dropped points before the end of the season but there are two other sides who stand to benefit if you do.  Their next game is away to 11th side, Southampton University.

L2 travelled to University of Portsmouth, who were one place above them in third, and stole this position with a convincing 4-1 win.  Bernice Gunn scored a hat-trick and Lucy Preskett claimed the fourth.  They now have a rest for half term -albeit with an intramural friendly between all the ladies to keep their eye in.

L1 hosted seventh side Haslemere and came back from 1-2 down to win 3-2.  Frida Kenning, Ellen Knighton and Emma Stewart scored the goals.  They consolidate their top-half position in sixth place as half term arrives.

M4 were disappointed not to score away to Yateley  but did come away with a point, courtesy of Matt Pryor’s clean sheet.  The draw ensures they keep Yateley (and others) beneath them as they remain 9th.  Their next game is at home to third side Hamble.

M2 struggled against a strong Winchester side (third in the league) and were unable to get on the scoresheet.  It finished 0-5.  They remain fourth but will be looking for an improvement on Saturday at home to Camberley & Farnborough (sixth).

M3 had half the week off but return to visit Southampton University (eighth) next.




                   Fox aerial selfie..?

The Junior section only seem content to win with seven goals as they recorded their fifth seven goal win since the New Year.

This time it was the turn of the U14 boys who beat Basingstoke 7-0 at home.  This included a hat-trick each for Nathan Holifield and Will George with Jack Hobkirk making it seven.  Jacob Whiting added his third clean sheet of the season as well.  They move up to second.

U14 girls scored put in a good performance but finished 1-3 down at the whistle.  Frida Kenning was on target.  In spite of the result they remain fourth.

The U10 boys were also in action in a late-arranged mini-Minis tournament in Alton.  They won three out of four games, the other being a draw, concluding another fine weekend for the Junior section.

Nathan’s hat-trick sees him close in on Frida at the top of the scorers table whilst Will also gets a score in the HT column.

The Duallists have also been busy, scoring no fewer than 167 goals in both sections.





This was a week for the ladies who logged most of the goals as two-thirds of the men’s fired a blank.  That said, the nine goals scored still keeps us at the top of the chart with a total of 261.

Another positive is that, in spite of a low scoring average, we still had a positive goal difference making the seasons balance +6.  (To reference this, last year’s total in w19 was -54).

The five-week average has also returned to the top, albeit at five fewer than week 13, but then this is always a slow period on the scoring front.

On the team front, there are several recognisable contributors, but also some less familiar names.


The full season’s GS chart also appears on the ‘Season Report page.




The low-scoring week also didn’t waver when it came to win ratio as this week’s three wins from five (60%, no less) takes the season total on to 42%.




Fresh back form the manicurist (if you don’t know you need to do some back-reading), Matt discovered the old trick of turning up for one game, securing a clean sheet and looking down on everyone else from the lofty top spot.

It’s Men Only week next week, however.  This can work in your favour, but it can also be your undoing.  We will see.

For the season so far, Matt’s third clean sheet moves him up to second place.  The club GA average for the season remains on 2.4.

The season’s GK table is on the ‘Season Report page.




Well you know me – I like any week that has both of these.  But the Defence beat the attack again 2-1 as both Toby and Matt add to their CS count.

Bernice did get her name on the HT board, however, to keep the contest alive and so it is now 19-13 to the Defenders.

On the team front, M1 move up a place on the CS chart whilst it remains 6-6 between M1 Attack and L2 Defence.




These are some fabulous scores with three still around the 60% mark.  Both L2 and M1 won so the order at the top is unchanged, but M1 have the chance to make up some ground when they play next week.

L1’s win, meanwhile, sees them recover their fourth place from M2.




It’s all in the HT as Bernice puts a marker down for February.  However there are still two weeks to go and there are a couple of high-scoring names not far behind.


Khurram’s goal puts him just one (and a hat-trick) shy of the aeronautical Fox.

Bernice’s late rush also puts her onto double figures.

The full season’s table is available on the ‘Season Report page.




Forget the crossbar challenge.  What you all want is to take on the The Weekender Challenge.

This is the “FoxRocket Challenge”: you have to lift a ball from the half-way line into a bucket on the P-spot.

And you have to do it on camera -of course.

The prize?  Why, the fame and fortune that comes with being an elite member of an exclusive club.  Certainly too exclusive for me, unless it’s a very low bucket about three feet in front of me.  No, wait, that’s golf isn’t it.  Perhaps that’s where I’ve been going wrong all these years.




The NJ award is generally given for folly in the line of duty but to the general amusement of all witnesses.

It can, however, be given for inflicting pain on oneself.  Or, to be more precise, one’s own team.

Having seen Angie’s halo all wrapped up on a bandage (or did it just slip?) you would have thought that the Ladies would have given up this sort of impropriety, but Emma Stewart – who, incidentally scored her first goal for the club this week – decided to try and decapitate her own defender, Anneli McFadzean.  In the warm-up.

Fortunately Anneli is bullet-proof and carried on in spite of this.  But Emma, you can add the NJ award to your doughnut and MotM awards.  I didn’t witness the goal celebration so can’t comment on that, but my guess is that it is best left on the pitch.

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