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The Weekender – w01 – 10 Sep 2016

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W1  D1  L4

GF: 10    GA: 17


Starter for 10

Are you ready?  No?  Well I’m coming ready or not.  So is the season, although it appears not everyone is entirely up to speed.  But there are a few weeks until the season kicks off in October to get things in order.  Unless you’re female.  Or young.  Or old, for that matter since the new Veterans side has already kicked off their competitive season (brief though it may be).

So what has happened?  Well fixtures have been fun this year.  Firstly not many were out in time for the Fixtures Card.  Then those that were published were wrong and the friendly opposition failed on several levels (“This week?  I thought you meant THAT week?”, etc.) but we played hockey so somebody must have been in the right place at the right time with a stick.  Still, I hope the league season is a little more organised.  This is still work in progress and I am currently moving around 2-3 games a week so remember: The Club Website is correct – tell me if you think otherwise!

Right.  Ranting aside, what about ON the pitch?  Well team of the week this week had to go to someone who scored a goal – sorry MV (the new Men’s Vets team) and L1.  And someone who didn’t lose (M1, M4).  Maybe M2 for scoring not one but three goals, if not three points (yes I know it’s a friendly, but there are still points, even if there aren’t prizes).  Maybe even M3 who did win -even if it was a ‘green’ game against the Ladies.  But no, it has to go to M1 who, whilst they did lose, also won.  You see, they were paying attention last year when L1 snuck a friendly in before the beginning of the season and so they managed to get a game in week 0.

M1 were given a last-minute game at Winchester 4 who, even more last minute, moved the pitch and time, just to try and gain an advantage.. but it didn’t work and M1 outplayed their former classmates to come out 3-1 winners.  Jack Hillier bagged a brace with last year’s golden stick, David Fox, adding the third.  In the previous week they travelled to another former class-mate, Yateley 2, but were usurped in a tight game that finished 2-3.  Dan Dolding and David Fox were on the scoresheet this time.  Their next game will be a challenging one against Phoenix & Ranelagh who play in MBBO Div 1.  Although P&R were relegated last year this is still 3 divisions higher than M1.  In fact this fixture has been played four times in the last five years with every game finishing either 2-5 or 1-4, but it’s good to be challenged.  Yes it is, it’s character-building.

M2 went to Woking old people’s home to see Grandad and his friends who were let out for the day.  They call themselves Woking Old Peculiars and play in Div 7 (in fact they meet M3 this season) but were up for the game.  Tom Child scored a hat-trick in this 3-3 draw.  M2 next fact Phoenix & Ranelagh 2 who play at a similar level in MBBO and they will be hoping for goals to make up for last season’s 0-0.

M4 put together a scratch side with little notice when they travelled to Camberley & Farnborough 4 (Div 9).  Nathan Holifield and Robert King were on the scoresheet but they finished 2-7 down at the final whistle.  These are early days and this was against a side a division and a half above.  So more character-building here then.  They play M3 next week.

L1 hosted Camberley & Farnborough 1 (Surrey Ladies Div 1).  Both sides made it hard for the other but it was C&F who broke the deadlock and it finished 0-1.  L1 start their season proper next week with a trip to Haslemere who finished 10th last season.

L2 had an extended summer holiday but will go straight into the fray next week hosting University of Portsmouth who fell out of Div 4 last season.

sf10-dads-armyMV played their first game at home to Gosport in the Wessex Masters Cup.  In spite of some valiant running (and puffing and blowing) they were unable to score and it finished 0-2.  Their season continues next week away to Haslemere which, I fear, may be a harder (if at least cooler) game.






Your starter for ten is to score ten for a start.  And ten from the first weekend isn’t bad.  Maybe it isn’t a record, but it isn’t bad.

The full season’s GS chart will appear on the ‘Season Report page when the number of goals merits it.




So you thought this would be empty did you?  Well last season it was dominated by the Defence but this time the Attack have drawn first blood as Tom puts M2 on top of the pile for bragging rights.

OK, I admit it isn’t the most interesting graphic you’ve seen, but I have a point to make so I’m making it…






This was more of ‘least bad’ competition for keepers this week as GK shuffling and familiarisation with less familiar defences put cats (and goals) amongst the pigeons.


The season’s GK table will appear on the ‘Season Report page just as soon as I have found time to do this.




This really isn’t very interesting at the moment but suffice to say M1 are in the lead.




And so it begins.  And if you’re name is David Fox, this is where the report begins (I hear he reads it backwards, but can’t imagine why).

There’s been longer lists and more goals, but I’ll settle for double figures at the end of w01 and a ‘1’ in the HT column always keeps me happy as Tom takes the early lead.  However Foxes, and other animals, need not be overly concerned as I suspect University attendance (apparently they go to lectures now they have to pay for them..) precludes Child minor’s attendance for most of the rest of the season.



The full season’s table will be available on the ‘Season Report page.  Soon, I hope.




Well it’s all gone off swimmingly.  OK, it hasn’t, but let’s gloss over the lesser details.  At least we started it with a gold medal.  And at least, by the end of w02, everyone will have had a chance of a game of hockey and that, in the end, is what it is all about.

There has been plenty going on behind the scenes and I think, perhaps, this is a better time of the season to thank those putting an effort into running the club.  Don’t forget to show some appreciation for those efforts -particularly if you don’t have the time to contribute yourself as this club doesn’t exist without those who do.  I am thinking not only of long-suffering captains and selectors fighting numerous forms of media with unwilling participants, treasurers chasing gold of another kind, coaches preaching to the unconvertible and umpires ruling the unruly but also of our esteemed Secretary (JT) and Chairman (James) who have put in a lot of effort over many years to get us to where we area and keep on building the club.  So thanks to them and to all have contributed at any level.

In the meantime, what’s new?

Well the new pitch (H1 – the left hand pitch) has been relaid and is open ahead of schedule.  M1 have a new coach, Khurram Mahmood, who I hope you will join me in welcoming.  The club has a new public-facing Facebook page to help promote the club externally.  We also have some new committee members in a number of posts – please see the Contact Page for details.  And, of course, if you would like to get more involved in any aspect of the club, do get in touch.  Likewise we are always keen to welcome new players/coaches/fans to the club so spread the word..  

Happy New Season!

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